Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gifts With Love

Happee Valentine's Day, everyone! ^v^

Unfortunately, I won't be able to celebrate this special day "physically" with the bf this year as we are in different states at this time. Oh well, we'll get to save money as everything is crazily overpriced today anyway~ lol.

Thinking back, our first Valentine's Day was certainly a memorable one. I can't help laughing and grinning when I think abt it. It's funny how love can make one deliriously silly. hehe.

Anyway, since we won't be able to celebrate it together this year, I've decided that I shall do a post showcasing the gifts that we gave each other on our one year anniversary.

And this is what my dear dear gave me. A scrapbook + photoalbum of sorts! teehee.

isn't it elegant? and cute at the same time?

And the bear bear in the picture is strangely familiar, no? It's the very same one he gave me that came with the flowers! *pinches its cheek*

the first page

So nice right, the 2 hearts that he had drawn? =) oops some of the words had been blurred out, sowie lah, this is private stuff ma, hehe..

a collage of the cute pics inside

hehe the cartoons he drew of us so kawaii!

yeap, the scrapbook also included many of the delicious food that we had together!

guess we really are into good food! hehe

Many of the photos were taken from my blog, so a bit blur. Because so unluckily, his laptop was stolen just a few months ago. =( so everything is gone.

some of the food we cooked together yummy~ cooking with him is fun!

well this shows that we not only know how to eat, cooking it also can! huhu

The scrapbook also follows a timeline of how we were first introduced to each other, the days of getting to know each other, days of uncertain feelings, till where we are now hehe.

Attached with photos and messages detailing the events! ^v^

the days from orientation and how I first met him thru my groupmate

some ppl's faces have been blurred to stop them from killing me save their reputation

omg I'm in pyjamas! gosh o.O

nice picture of us holding hands

I decided to be creative with photoshop, guess which is the real one? Tada~ the right side one is the photoshopped version keke.

some of the memories we as a group had together

I'm gonna miss you guys a lot!!! *sniff sniff*

The photo in the bottom left corner shows us having dinner in Wang Di Mian. A shop selling different types of wantan mee in Sri Petaling.

The photo in the top right corner shows us just relaxing and talking crap, while waiting for our usual cater dinner in Keeping/Eugene's hse. I really am gonna miss those times terribly, though I didn't like the food much of the time. But it's the company that counts ma! hehe.

The photo in the bottom right shows us posing in front of the pretty Variety Night backdrop that Kee Ping, Kee and me had lovingly crafted. Took us a lot of sweat and effort! woah I still rmb those days~

Well I had only let you guys had a glimpse inside of the scrapbook he gave me. But I think it's enough ade right. =P

Okay, time for me to show you what I gave him as a one year anniversary present!

This was the little card that I made for him, nice onot??

so cute right? I am particularly fond of the heart in the envelope! nice leh?!

However, the main present I gave him is this. Words are hard to explain what is it so I'll just show you thru a few photos.

Behold, my masterpiece! *drum roll*

Are you awed yet? I amazed myself too seriously!

I guess it's called a model. Purposely made a miniature pair of us standing in a miniature basketball court. Almost everything is in 3D!

The basketball stands which hold the hoops were the most difficult to make! Tied them together with thread and glue. And I even went to the extent of googling images of the basketball court to make sure I got the pattern correct hehe. I like the effect of the orange lines on the black court. Rather striking~ The twinkling stars are cute too, right?

*rotfl* Basically to me, everything is cute lah! =D

Here's another close up pic:

what do you think? Comments puhlease!

Maybe I should have taken a course in making miniature landscapes haha..

Well, I guess that's all for today, folks. Hope you guys enjoyed this post about the gifts we gave each other that day.

Happy Valentine's Day and show them the money love! (this includes everyone wonderful around you, not only lovey dovey couples!)

Tis a money making day for many too haha! Toodles!


k33LaLa said...

Ooo thx again for the post dear. Hope u like the present very much lo~ Kekeke! I love ur present too. Very nice model! Love it! Thx again dear! Love u so much! And most of all...


yipguseng said...

wah! nice work on the model!! very impressive~~

Zzzyun said...

kee> hehe yeap i like ur present!! will help me in rmbing our memories together! love you too! =D and happy V day to you! <3

yipguseng> oh hi! haha thks! took me quite sometime, summore must do in secret hehe..

lynnx01 said...

Your bf is so creative and romantic!! What a beautiful scrapbook!!

Sun Tzu II said...

So sweet~

Zzzyun said...

lynnx01> hi! haha i guess im lucky then. => ooo my model also nice woh...

suntzu> hehe tenkiu.