Friday, February 01, 2008

Balik Kampung

It's been quite long since I last posted, huh? Well, just been rotting away in my vista home. -_- yes I know I should be revising but it's kinda hard to get my engine started! with chinese new year coming so soon too aihs!

I guess studying is a lost cause after all. =/

Anyway, just got back to penang today in Beh's car. Traffic was pretty horrible. The journey which normally would have took abt 5 hours took around 7 hours today.

Many of the KL people balik-ing kampung I guess since today is some sort of public holiday for them. Some federal territory day. I'll never understand the line between KL and selangor whenever the local people try to explain it to me haha...

Alright, what should I blog about now?

Hmm... Erm... Right..

Okay looks like I'm not in the mood for my usual verbal fluency rambles. I do have some content in my drafts but just kinda lazy to blog abt it.. blek.

Just gonna make this short and sweet to let all my frenz know that I'm back in penang okie! hehe. Toodles for now.

PS: Happy 21st birthday to Sin Yee! =) Hope you had a great day!


k33LaLa said...

Enjoy ur day in penang ya dear! MUax!

Zzzyun said...

haha thanks dear.. =)