Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hidden Behind A Mask

I'm in shock.

(real emotional shock, not anaphylatic shock or anything -_-")

Just found out that m.o.n.e.y. really can reveal someone's true nature. I'm kinda taken aback by the turn of events that lead me to this revealation. (call me naive if you want, but I prefer to give ppl the benefit of doubt.) I'm not gonna blog abt this whole thing here and I sincerely do hope it's just a misunderstanding.

Was really angry at that time but have since calmed down. Time to think of the best rational way to act. It's better to tackle the problem rationally instead of emotionally, right? [that's what we're taught in BS anyway, ha.]

But anyhow, I still do not think it's nice to accuse someone of being "selfish" just becoz of some small thing which she cud have talked to me abt face-to-face. And the thing is, she wasn't really clear abt some issues either. So calling ppl names [thru an sms summore] without being clear abt things is just plain nonsense. Seriously, I think that's being rather unfair to me, when I'm trying my best to not retort rudely. Bah. [In case you're wondering, I still prevailed in the end, did not say anything rude, so there!]

Sometimes the world is so ironic. You do things willingly for others, they don't appreciate it. Fine, nvm. But do one wrong thing (and in this case, I did nothing okay), and they're totally over you, ready to go for the kill.

I seriously hate that sort of feeling or incident, but why does it keep reoccuring? Is it becoz I'm too willing to help others without asking for repayment? Do I bring it upon myself? I really dunno.

I'm quite a tolerant & sensible person, but I do have my limits.

Don't think you can step over my head pls. I can defend myself when the need arises. Especially if I think I'm in the right.

Pls don't put words in my mouth too. And I'm an honourable person, I will definitely do what I've already promised.

Seriously, it's just plain freaking scary how fast someone's smiling face can turn into a totally different one. *shivers* Summore it's someone that you tot you knew well enuf for a few years ade. But I guess that trying to judge ppl's character will always remain one of the hardest things to do.

My my, suddenly, the world feels bleak.

Equivalent trade huh? (from F.Metal Alchemist) There is no such thing as equivalent trade, I guess.

Sometimes you give, sometimes you lose. That is how the world is.

Nah. Show you this pic just to reiterate the point that humans normally hide behind a mask. And reveal their inner evil in certain circumstances. Yeah.

Nice onot? After I edited it using Photoshop. [doing a lot of that recently, coz too bored ade...] It's pretty cool for a desktop background too. =) You can save it if you want.


Anonymous said...

relax relax~~
take a deep breath~~xi1~~~hu1~~~

Msg from batupahat :>

eve said...

Money is the #1 reason for couples to break up. Gotta talk things out sometimes. The friendship is probably worth a whole lot more than the money involved.

Zzzyun said...

mr.batupahat> haha, thks. *breathes in and out*

eve> oh. yeah I guess so. going to talk it over with her later. (i hope i can keep my cool)

eve said...

in the meantime collect more lame jokes for sharing ya? *grins* good chatting with you yesterday. took a whole lot out of my stress levels.

Zzzyun said...

hahaha. yeah i'll try to collect more lame jokes (if i can rmb how to retell them tho. blek)

yeap, it was nice to chat with u yesterday, u enlightened me abt some issues too. =)

and i'm glad that i managed to lower ur stress levels. gambate girl~!