Monday, January 08, 2007

Just An Update

I'm back, guys! Well, there are many many things to blog about now so I shall go thru them one by one. Pls bear with me for this what-I-assumed-to-be-a-long-winded post.

Tell them what you're gonna tell them, tell them, and tell them what you've told them.

I shall blog about the new year countdown, my *arggh* cvs exam and of coz, the cool E3 camp!! (that's a lot, so I might split it into different posts okay)

Here goes:

Hmm. For starters, our last-minute plan to eat buffet steamboat as the last meal of 2006 didn't work out, coz they didn't book and the place was so freaking full! *Sigh* We shall leave it for this year then. hehe.

In the end, we went to Sushi King in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. It wasn't bad, but not new to me. (hey, penang does have that jap food outlet okay!) But was kinda full after that tho. Then we hung around for a while. Me and Cheng Ling went window shopping. There was this top from MNG that was quite nice and reasonably priced but all 3 available tops in that pattern were slightly damaged. So didn't buy in the end. Nvm, I shall go shopping during this free time~! Yayz!

Well, we wanted to hang around for the countdown outside Sunway but Beh wasn't feeling well so he wanted to go home early. We decided to go to the Aquatic countdown near bkt jalil lo. But when we went there early to check it out, our plans totally fell thru. Coz to our disappointment, not only we had to pay rm55 to go in, it was smtg like a splash party, so we had to wear our swimsuits in public! A big no-no for us. =(

And back it was to Kee's house. We started playing Ps2 to pass the time. And soon it was midnight. We crowded at the balcony to see fireworks. There were quite a few but quite far away. Not as beautiful as the time when they let off some fireworks during the tv3 carnival. The fireworks then was really near and beautiful. Amazing.

And I guess that's it for the countdown. And now... to smtg we dread - cvs exam.

It was our first systems' in-course-assessment. And boy, was it hard! =( What really killed us off was OSPE. Damn hard, you know, the pics... Even tho I cud guess quite a few what it was, the thing is, the way they phrased the Qs made me put it under the wrong category.

Must rmb, pathological lesions = means we shld describe the lesion; underlying pathology = state the disease!! Ish. I know what were the diseases but I put it all under pathological lesion! *sigh* 10 marks fly away just like that. -_- And not becoz I dunno too. Aikz.

SAQ and BCQ weren't easy either. And one more thing, there was damn lot abt pathology and not one single thing about pharmaco!! *arggh* All that time spent on pharmaco...

Anyway, the conclusion was that I did studied hard for this test but the Qs that came out were just phrased too weirdly. Bah. Well, maybe I'm just making excuses so I guess I still need to study harder. *throws hands up into air*

Let's just hope that I don't fail, really had enuf of that. *crosses fingers for a lot of luck*

Ah ya, some good news! We got our summative 2 results after the cvs exam. I did well, and got the elusive A!! Yay~ My hard work finally paid off~! *breathe of relief*

Okay, I think that's all for now. I've blogged abt the new year countdown and the cvs exam, I shall update bout the E3 camp in some other post.. and hopefully by then, I'd have gotten my hands on some pics!! Hehe.

Ciao peeps! ^v^


eve said...

congratulations on your A, my friend. *grins*

do put up some pictures on the camp. happy new year!

Zzzyun said...

thks!! i need to study harder tho.. things are getting more difficult!

oh i'll try my best to put up the pics lah if i do get them..

and happy new year to u too.. (did u get my sms that day? hmm.)

eve said...

What sms? Eh you know I changed number already right? *grins*

Do pass the word around, if you can manage because I didn't exactly message everybody. *wry grin*

Zzzyun said...

haha yeah i know.. but u didnt sms me at that time (during new year) so i sent it to the wrong no i guess. hehe~

hope ur mum wasnt annoyed by a new year msg. =P