Monday, January 15, 2007

A Lesson Learnt

Okay, second post of the day, that shows you how bored I am. But technically, this is my 1st post today coz my last (emo) post was done b4 I went to bed.

Oh ya, thanks very much to everyone who adviced me/listen to me whine on that matter, you guys really helped a lot. I've felt a lot better since. =) You guys are the best~! *poses with victory sign*

And I've also learnt a valuable lesson from this. Don't ever again assume/think that someone you think is nice and all that in daily life is really THAT nice after you get to know him/her. Yeah.

Ah, once again to the topic of choosing frenz. It's still a skill I've yet to acquire or master. Nvm, I'll train more. lol. Yeap!

This is a phrase by Eve, which I think is very meaningful.

Sometimes, we gotta admit that we're mere humans without supernatural powers to be that good person all the time. But at least we try.

Since I've tried my best to salvage what is left but it's apparently not appreciated by her, thus I rest my case. No guilty conscience ya, girl~!

On smtg unrelated, I'm glad that I've done my good deed of the day. Yet again, I've assumed the role of good listener to a fren, who's been having some problems recently. Can't believe that we talked for more than 3 hours straight. But his problem is really complicated. Even I don't really know what is the best solution. Aikz.

Dunno lah. Just hope that I've managed to help, that's all. *sigh* Well, gotta go liao. Dinner time! ^o^


eve said...

so long since you last posted... busy ah? neway, most people prefer to keep their distance after they feel that they've been wronged in some way or another.

i feel that it's a rather sad way to live because friendship is a lot about putting yourself in a position vulnerable enough for you to be hurt by your friend. that's where trust comes into the picture right?

assuming that people aren't really that nice is like giving a dog a bad name and hanging it. when you expect people to be not so nice after getting to know him/her, it's like wearing those coloured shades when everything they do is seen through a careful (if not skeptical) perspective filter.

takes a lot of innocence and fun out of life. really. i rather live with the trust

Zzzyun said...

hmm.. *in deep thought*

well i guess what u say is true. but i know i'll still remain the person that i was, still giving ppl the benefit of doubt.. i'll continue to be like that, but for how long i cannot say. maybe there is a time where i've been hurt too many similar times. then i might change.

but for now, i'll still remain the same ziyun.. trusting most ppl.. =)

thks, eve for ur advice. it's really good. ^^