Friday, June 08, 2007

Back From The Sub-Suburbs

Hi guys! I'm finally back and alive from KKB... Felt kinda tired and sleepy after I got back home. But home (yesh, vista is my home in a way now) is really the best! Comfy~

Anyway, I gotta say this: I really had lots of fun this time around~!! ^v^

Group E ppl are so cool! *does victory pose* And my roomies are so fun! Although it was study break for EOS and everyone was supposed to bury themselves in notes and books 24/7, we still took time out to do a lil female bonding. *winks*

We spent almost the whole of one night talking crap away... but it was really nice sharing thoughts, gossip, opinions and jokes with you guys. =) If only we had not felt guilty and decided to continue studying, it'd have been great!

Yesh, of coz, the environment was not as comfy as home. But I think the room on the 2nd floor is much more comfortable. At least there's a table there, and enough chairs. And the shower head is better altho smtg happened to the hanger for clothes, so we hvta put out stuff on a chair outside a cubicle. Kinda 'mafan' but nvm lah. hehe.

Well, there were a lot of experiences to share... Many things happened. So probably will talk abt it in more detail in my next post. Photos might be uploaded then too, if I can get my hands on them! hehe.. Feel kinda sleepy now, blek. So will go take a nap! tataz.

Oh ya, here's a super farny video that most med students would be able to relate to. Teaching you abt the wonders of ECG. I was totally laughing my ass off watching this. Enjoy! :D


k0k s3n w4i said...

I wanted to say that about the popup very long d. LOL.

I'll check out the vid tmr, after my Immunology test. at the moment, I'm kinda screwed up too tight. See ya!

Zzzyun said...

haha i got the same feedback abt the popup from others too..

so tot might as well put this info to use to annoy u guys. :P