Sunday, June 03, 2007

Slow Going

Wow, this has gotta be a record. Almost four days of non-updating me blog.

Betcha thought that I was happily mugging away on my notes. Well, you're not exactly wrong either. I was trying hard to force myself to read the notes, but somehow my attention and concentration kept wavering. So I definetely wasn't very happy with myself.

So... now, I have the urgency but none of that urge or will to sit my ass on that chair and read my notes with full attention - without surfing aimlessly on my blog + watching anime + or playing stupid addictive games.

(Btw, here's a game for those that need a plain old good destressing. I know I do.)

However, if you tot that I must be sleeping well these few days, then you're wrong. Have been dozing off while studying almost every other night. Which leads to unrefreshing sleep and lethargy, which is so not conducive for studying the next day. Ish.

In conclusion, I'm hopeless in disciplining myself to study!! =(

*Shyt* And why do I have a feeling that my blog posts in the coming month are all gonna be rants abt how slow my progress in revising!! If I do find the urge to type anything at all.. being so dull and depressed abt my revision and all. bleh.

And I know I said I won't be bothered by how much revision have others covered. But hell, some ppl are totally G0Ds! They have covered so much in so short a time-span. And I seemed to have forgotten almost everything I've studied in foundation2! *die*

Am so gonna die for EOS3... but I can't give up yet. Not now.

PS: Going KKB for rotation posting tomorrow. So expect no updates till thursday night. Unless I suddenly get my hands on a computer and an internet connection there. Which is a laughable thought for a place that don't even have kfc or mcds. heh.

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