Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Picturesque Ramble

It isn't often that I feel too lazy to update my blog. Blogging is supposed to be a hobby that I indulge in with pleasure.

But what with the study break and the need for a will to make me study hard everyday, well, there just isn't much to update. In case you're wondering - no it's not going well - and yes I need to spank myself for being a tad too relaxed.

Both sides of the coin ain't too good. Being too relaxed or too stressed up isn't helping in any *freaking* way. As always, moderation is the key... but that is elusive so far. I know I'm so gonna regret this in the few days to come, when I'm frantically reading notes and going out of my mind.

yeah, probably something like this

When will I learn my lesson of not procastinating and being consistent with my work? Who knows. *shrugs* The day that happens will be a day of celebration where pigs start to fly. blek.

riiiight. flying pigs huh.

Nowadays, even me, the non-coffee drinker is looking forward to her daily caffeine boost. I really like the 3-in-1 coffee that I bought from Oldtown Kopitiam... Nice~

IV drip of caffeine anyone?

But becoz of that, my circadian rhythm is also screwed upside down. I nap in the afternoons (which is so not me) and sleep very very late at night. *arggh*

Alrighty, time to get mushy with my notes again.

Hope you enjoyed this picture post! Thought it would be a good replacement when I'm at a loss of words. heh.


AiLing said...

Hah, this post totally reminds me of myself just a month ago. ;)

Pigs flying? LOL!!

I also wonder when will I ever learn not to procastinate and leave things up to the last minute. Blek.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Spank yourself? Can't your boyfriend help you with that? *grins*

urs is really a med student blog. I can always identify with most of the problems you face (cept the fainting thing with the catheterization thing - i'm made of sterner stuff *thump own chest and cough*)

I dun write much medical skul tales.

Zzzyun said...

ailing> hehe we all sama-sama sahaja ya?

guess i'll hvta wait to spot flying pigs b4 i have a chance of becoming a non procastinator. blek.

k0k> *ahem* i knew someone was gonna crack some SM jokes when i wrote the spanking part. lol. thkq for indulging in my prediction. haha!

well i guess in the end it's a case of "like understands like".

and btw, i didnt faint bcz i cudnt stand the gore (and there wasn't much blood anyway) as i'm quite "tough" too... i almost fainted bcz i empathisized with his pain a tad too much! which means i'm an understanding ppl person doc *smirks*