Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hiatus (Tentatively - You Know Why)

It's been quite a few days since I last appeared in the blogosphere. But mind you, it wasn't out of self-control - though I wish very much it was.

My internet service decided that it had enough with our 24/7 demands and went on a self-imposed leave for the last few days. *huge sigh* It was frustrating not being able to check my blog and rss feeds. %^&*&#@!!! Talk abt blogging + blog-hopping being an addiction. heh.

Anyway, addiction onot, it's time for me to impose a blogging hiatus for myself for the next 2 weeks. Till I finish my BIG important exams. -_-

I'm still gonna be reading blogs and stuff, but strike blogging (and impulsive anime-watching!) out of the list. I hope it works, you know that self-discipline is my worst to-do-list chore.

yesh yesh I know, I shld have planned my work out... but heck, I've been slacking the past few weeks!! So gonna pay the price now. Will hvta SLOG my brains out!!

There are just not enuf brain cells!! Why won't my neurons proliferate more? Oops, that's cancer, sorry. I hate the dark circles under my eyes. =(

Anyway, there still might be the occasional rant and all, but it will be short and sweet. Which shld be how I'm keeping this post now. yeah.

So toodles and wish me luck~! =) There is a lot at stake. I must try my best!!


michelleg said...

aiks.. my latest post title was hiatus as well!! haha.. sama lar

at least ur stopping all ur usual activities 2 weeks b4hand. me only few days b4.... sigh...

anyway all the best!!!

Zzzyun said...

haha gr8 minds think/act alike! *high 5*

well, not exactly 2 weeks, just 1 more week till my exam. :O

and i'm only stopping blogging, coz figured that not many wud be reading anyway. (hits dropping!) besides i dont hav much to write except rants, rants and rants. yeah.

will still be reading blogs and stuff. addicted, cant change.

anyway, all the best to you too! jiayou! =)