Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thank You, Daddy

Hehe, I can't believe that I was so blur that I wished my dad Happy Father's Day so many days in advance! It's the radio's fault for making me believe that it was last sunday. Finally cleared that with my Daddy - anyway, it's the thought that counts, right? :)

I've always been closer to my Daddy. I think it's becoz that I'm more like him while growing up.

I was the one who lurve reading, the one who lurve meaningful conversations. The one who enjoys indulging in one's pursuits of enjoyment. Like him. (no dirty thoughts pls! I meant hobbies!)

He was the one who instilled in me the love for reading. I fondly remember the times that he would used to read me bedtime stories every night. No matter how tired he was. That was how I started devouring any storybook in my sight. You'd find me quite well read in the genre of fairytales. lol.

I miss those days. But I'm too grown up for that now, eh? haha.

He would buy me almost any book I want. Luckily I don't have such a voracious appetite when it comes to reading anymore (see what med sch does to us?!) or he'd be the same situation as k0k's dad. hehe. *pocket bocor* Those books sure don't come cheap.

I also remember how he would cook supper for us every other night. Since he wasn't really a good cook, he could only cook certain foodstuffs. But at least he took the time and effort. And we being kids, didn't even help to wash up. (-_- yesh, I know that is bad of me, I do help now okay)

He was the one who is always open to new ideas, always trying to shorten the so-called generation gap between us. [how has that lead to many a laughter! :D] He was the one who gave me freedom of choice to do what I want to do, and make sure I wasn't intimidated into any choice of career.

Even though he is tired from work - he never found it in him to start scolding me for no reason. He was the one who showed me what was tolerance. And unconditional love for his family.

I lurve the fact that he wasn't a typical egoistic male chauvinist type. He cared for his family, never thinking that helping mummy with the housework or going to the market was beneath him. I admire and loved him for that.

People always used to say I look a lot like him. Secretly, I was happy, hoping that maybe I might have his good personal qualities in me too. (at any rate, I do have the same allergies as him though, lol!)

He is the one who inspired me to be a good doctor, the type that genuinely cares for his patients. (you shld have seen him at work, the patients absolutely lurve him! haha) Seems like I've a lot to learn from him.

Since I'm away from home most of the time now, I really miss my Daddy's comforting presence that "he will make sure everything is okay". Nowadays, when one hvta start fending for oneself, the safe comforts of home seemed like a luxury, not a certainty.

Sometimes, I secretly think that he being such a great father and all, he deserved more. Something better? I dunno. I wish that I'd be able to provide him with the best that I can give him with these two hands of mine. [therefore I must study hard and make him proud of me!!]

To me, he really is the world's greatest dad. =) Thank you for always being there for me. ^v^

I love you, Daddy. Happy Father's Day! *teary*


On a lighter note, here's an advert that is simple but damn funny. Do understand the humourous undertones! :P Geddit geddit?

Safe sex, kids! Abstinence is the best cost-saving way! lol.

Anyway, to all my readers out there (I dunno if they fall into that age range yet, haha), Happy Father's Day!

Make sure your dad knows that he's the best!! ^v^

Now, if only my dad would "accidentally" stumble upon this post... *muses*


Anonymous said...

Haha. You have to tell your boyfriend to use durex then..

k0k s3n w4i's said...

I've seen this ad before (it's quite old isn't it?)

my favourite condom ad is still this one;


Must watch.

My dad read to me when I was young too. Until he started getting Disney video tapes for me.

Zzzyun said...

anonymous> riiight. and i tot i just mentioned tat abstinence is the best way?

*wags finger* notty notty! lol.

k0k oh ur dad read to u too? not many dads do that.. i'm so gonna do that for my child (as a mum of coz, haha).

i've watched the video. it was okla... but i kinda like the durex advert more. keke..