Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not A Meanie - But A Lazie

I've been given a chance to be mean and steel-hearted to those who had treated me that way in the first place.

But I guess I'm just too good-hearted after all. *cough smug look cough*

It's not that I can't be mean - I can, when the time is right - but I guess I still believe that even if ppl are mean to you, doesn't mean that you hvta return the evil favour. If you do, then what difference are you from them anyway? Right?

Besides, looks like Karma has its own ideas. I always believe that Karma will come and bite those that rightfully deserve it back in the butt in the end. hah.

My theory has thus been proved - at least once.


Regarding studies, let's just say I'm running out of time. Have been slacking too much the first few weeks. Still have lots of cover.. Aikz. And when I really wanna work hard, my body has to break down on me. Have not been feeling well the past few days. Hopefully I can last till next week.

Alright, better resume my hiatus. My mountain of notes are waiting for me!! o.O

Wish me luck. Coz I'm gonna need it!! Ciaoz.

The sem 5s were supposed to finish their exams by today. However, they'd have to resit their first day OSCE tmr morning. For more info, pls read this. For a more personal viewpoint, you can read this and this, by one of my seniors who hvta go thru this tragic chain of events. I hope my batch's exams go smoothly. I cudn't bear to resit any paper! I'd go nuts...!

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