Friday, June 15, 2007

I Want To Make Them Happy

My parents' voice on the phone never felt so comforting, especially my mum's. She sounded gentle tonight, asking how I've been recently and assuring me that I've done well. (that doesn't happen too often, mind you)

Yes, GI results were released today (well yesterday morning if you wanna be particular - to me, the next day always comes after the sleep).

And boy, were we surprised. Coz I rmb that one of the lecturers promptly told us that they're gonna release our GI results with our EOS results... so I wasn't expecting anything. Which was good in a way coz no expectations = no disappointments. yeah.

Anyway, I was just happily checking my mail this morning (yesh, I check it quite a few times a day - how else would I waste my time away on the internet?) when I saw this email from IMU. Wondering what is it about, I opened it, and lo behold, my result was abruptly staring at me.

Tell you what, they definitely don't do the wishy-washy way when it comes to informing you of your results.

The first line staring at me was this:

Dear Student, your GI results: top secret *insert result here*.

Going around in circles or sugar coating their words ain't their style eh? lol.

Anyway, hearing my mum's voice telling me that "I already did my best and that it was alright" really soothened me up. I feel happy that I managed to get my parents' nod of approval. =) Now to make them happier, I need to do well for this major exam coming my way. It seems like I've finally found a good motivator!

Anyhow, I'm satisfied ade with my results. Heard that quite a number didn't do well. *To my batchmates: we really must gambate for EOS ya!!*

I probably shldn't slack so much nowadays... I know I'm an expert when it comes to procastinating but hey, why shldn't I advance my major in being a consistent worker eh? Well, I think I'll just go for moderation, thank you very much. Somehow being a diligent student that studies 24/7 didn't strike me as an attractive lifestyle. lol.

Yeah, I know I'm talking crap now... coz I feel kinda sleepy (so much for being a night owl) but I wanna stay up a bit to study. ish! Looks like blogging is only distracting me from catching some shuteye temporarily. Once I turn my attention to my notes, I'm pretty sure that my eyelids will fall like there are weights on them, haha.

Alright, time to see if my prediction comes true. tataz!

Teenie update:- yesh it did came true! aikz.


jane said...

hey there, how r u doin girl?

GI is a tough system, so dun give up ya! ;) i hope my notes help.. all the best in ur EOS...

Zzzyun said...

hiya! long time din hear from u ade..

hope u are doing fine too. =)

and yeah, ur notes helped. esp like the Lilly's u gave me. was very helpful for cvs. ^^

i'll try my best. thks ya!