Friday, December 28, 2007

Definitely D'lish!

I was sorely tempted to try out this new deli in midvalley called D'lish when pinkpau and michelleg reviewed it on their blogs sometime ago.

And I had the very chance to do so a few weeks ago (sorry this post a bit backdated blek)

I was kinda full after dinner that day - besides the 50% offer starts after 9pm so I cudn't very well be delaying my dinner till after 9 right? - so I decided to tapau-ed some of the awesome cupcakes they had on sale!

[here are some pics. they are massively photoshopped to the best of my ability coz the quality of the photos were horrible! must be the poor lighting aikz]


wow so I am a gourmet then! teehee

yalah everyday know how to eat only lah :P

And below are the cupcakes! For better pics and more variety, you shld refer to the links I provided earlier okie. Their photos are just so much nicer!

Anyhow, I'm still very satisfied with the photo below becoz I managed to present them nicely - despite the original lousy quality.

left: baked banana cheese cupcake with white chocolate curls

right: cheese and raspberry brownie cupcake with chocolate curls

Don't they sound absolutely delicious? Well to be honest, they tasted pretty good, but not as delicious as described though. Probably would have chosen other choices but then only a few left after 9pm. =/

Maybe I'll be luckier next time hehe. *eyes the rocky road and the one with peanut butter frosting ooo lala*

PS: Christmas is over. Well, it doesn't really mean anything special to me except that I get holidays! I don't mind that though! :P Last time when I was a little child, I used to wake up in anticipation of presents - yeah mr. santa claus aka dad left them in our pillow cases. (guess we must be pretty greedy to use that instead of stockings, huh? lol.)

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