Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Obligatory Post-Renal Post

Yup, this post is like delayed for one week but I've explained how "busy" I was the past week in my previous post so I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind, right? hehe.

Anyway, here's a mini bite abt the renal exam. I promise I will shove it to one side (compartmentalize it as men apparently do) and won't talk abt it again until I get the results...

If I'd to describe the exam, I would say that we kena PAWNED! =/ yes the exam was freaking hard and the 60 mins given to us just weren't enough.. so much so that the examiner took pity on us and gave us an extra of 5 mins.

There was one saq question which was really tricky. The patient was having some major emotional drama but it didn't mention that she was hyperventilating. Our lecturer wanted us to figure it that out ourselves. Luckily I guessed correctly [actually I was at my wits' end and just wrote whatever that came to mind blek] and so the answer really turned out to be respiratory alkalosis. This basically was a nothing-or-all sort of question. aihs.

Anyway, although I got that right, I got a hell lot (yes that means A LOT) of small questions wrong. I think in my hurry to get the paper done in that little amount of time, I accidentally miss reading some parts or just got the links btw features and diseases jumbled up in my little brain.

Can you believe that I wrote crescents were a feature for Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis (FSGS)? Well probably becoz Rapidly Progressive Glomerulo Nephritis (RPGN) is the only other type of glomerulonephritis with 4 letters too. Stupid brain short-circuited. aikz. Or how abt I wrote that DCT was more prominent looking under the microscope compared to PCT? Crazy ain't it, the way my brain got messed up? bleh..

Alright, I think that's enough ranting abt the exam, although my mistakes are definitely more than that. Just hope that I get an okay result. *prays*


Time to talk abt celebrations! After the devastating-ego-destroying exam, we went to Greenbox as usual to sing karaoke! I cudn't enjoy as much as usual coz I was really super sleepy. Getting old I see, as last time I could party for more than 2 nights without proper sleep.. boo~

After that, we went to Midvalley to catch the movie, Enchanted.

where fairytales go into reality mode

I think the movie was really nice! Highly recommended. Guys might think this is some sickly-girly-sweet sort of movie, but no worries, most of my guy frenz who watched think it was not bad.

The props were really beautifully made. Her princess dress, lovely! And there are some musical like elements in it (as how cartoon characters often break into song) which makes the movie even better as the songs are really endearing to the ear! hehe I've even downloaded some of them. And the many funny moments definitely brought us many laughs. This movie is definitely a must watch. go!

And so thus ended that day.


Last Saturday, I went berpaktoh-ing with the bf coz so long never go out ade haha. We went to Sunway Pyramid, which looks super nice now as they had just opened up the new wing and everything looks new and shiny! woots!

As I'd read in some blog tat J.Co had finally opened up in Sunway (I seemed to be getting all my info from blogs nowadays), we two donut ppl made a beeline for the shop and got ourselves 2 dozen donuts! Of coz we shared one dozen with tzen - we would definitely become obese if we ate 2 dozen at one go, haha.

For dinner, we went to Sakae Sushi which has just newly opened too. It was almost as nice as the last time I ate, which was almost 1 year ago at The Curve. Thank god that Sunway has sucha great range of restaurants that were hard to get to before. Yay! Next time we can slowly explore the nice eateries ade... [omg I'm always into eating!]

After that, we went to watch I Am Legend.

the last man and not alone part seems a bit contradictory, no?

If I had to describe it in a few words, let's say it's rather similar to Resident Evil but this movie focuses more on the emotional and psychological aspects of a man who's think he's alone. Very touchingly portrayed. I almost shed a tear (oops can't give spoiler) erm.. when something pitiyingly bad happened.

I'd recommend this movie if you guys like your science fiction and emo-ness mixed together. Will Smith did the movie really well. Can you believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally casted to play this role? I don't think he would be able to portray it as well tho.

Hmm. I guess this post basically "summarizes" our outings after the renal exam till now. Sorry tat I hvta combine posts coz I can't drag this on forever.

I still have so many things to blog abt too so keep that anticipation boiling high! Toodles!

PS: See more new ads? Clickety click pls to find out more? Some of the ads are pretty creative. hehe.. I need more money too.. huhu.


k0k s3n w4i said...

"Can you believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally casted to play this role?"

That's almost exactly what I said. U research movies before u watch them too huh?

Zzzyun said...

erm not exactly. to be entirely honest, i read ur blog first, then only googled to check whether the fact was real.. then i put it on my blog lo..

so normally i dont do much research on movies. oops.

k33LaLa said...

then why the heck he was not in the movie? Cos he looked old for a legend? Lol. Jokingz~

Zzzyun said...

haha how i know wo.

but then i think if arnold took the role, then the movie won't be so emotional ade right? wic is what i loved abt it. i'm not really into the gory-bloody-scenes. yeap!