Monday, December 24, 2007

It's The Thought That Counts

Gifts. Whether it's giving or receiving, don't we just adore them?

So here's a post abt the gifts that I've recently come by (yes that means either receiving or giving).

The gift below was a present for Suewen's 21st birthday and it was contributed by our whole gang of ppl that went to her party.

a box of happiness

Instead of a lot of people sharing for one expensive gift that one might not use that often, brilliant moi came up with an idea to give Suewen a different sort of gift that any girl would like!

And so the idea of a gift box filled to brim with goodies (chocs, accessories, mini soft toys etc) was borned. Behold:

my idea of a dream gift

Isn't the soft toy octopus the cutest? Oh that's a scrunchie on top of his tiny head hehe. The octopus has an opening at his head which means that its most basic function besides looking cute is a handphone holder.

I guess you can't really see much from the pic so I'm just gonna reiterate the list here. Lemme see: the octopus, a cute furry bear holding the #21, packets of chocs, a really pretty necklace and hairpin, purse, face oil paper blotter, guitar peak, handphone pouch, keychain, scrunchie etc. Pardon me, my memory fails me.

Some of the things included weren't exactly the norm as gifts, but we decided to include them coz they were necessities for her. So at least she will use them sooner or later... Imho that is def better than letting something really pretty but non-functional sit on a shelf to gather dust, right? hehe.

So that was the gift that we spent a lot of time preparing for, and the process was fun! Enjoyed it although there were moments of stress o.O you would never guess~ aikz.

Okla, enough rambling abt that. Next on would be abt some of the xmas gifts that I'd received this year! yayz!

Feast your eyes:

no need caption wan lah okay

The Choki Choki is from Liyann! It seems so long since I'd last eaten choki choki leh.. Can you guys rmb this candy from when we were young? [okay I'm refering to those who are leaving their teens] I likey~ thanks! =)

Oh, and both of the nail polish are from Ian Zing, courtesy of the xmas gift-exchange program we had this year. The colours sure are funky alright! I like them very much and yes I've already painted both my finger and toe nails with it. thanks a lot! ^v^ *wriggles fingers and toes lol*

Next on is:

xmas colours of red & green! do notice my photoshopping matches the colours scheme too!

The green box filled with Eclairs is from Puifun! The boxes that you sendiri made are nice! Although I must say, purple and green are a bit clashing lah haha. Anyway, thanks!

The gift wrapped in red with such a cute lil angel in front could be from no other but Valene! Inside is a cute lollipop (sry, no pic of it) and a decoration thingy that I haven't yet figured out what's the function, will ask her soon lol.

Okay, last but not least, an xmas card:

yes you read that right. it's hand-drawn alright!

Oh I took the liberty of photoshopping the card so ignore the unnatural snowflakes okie haha. And the reason I decided that I must put this card up is becoz there's a twist to it. Kee Ping who gave some of us these similar-looking cards, was very smart to put a little unique indivuality to each card.

I found it after a few mins. Let's see if you can. (unfortunately not all would possess the power to do so but you can ask me tho) It was fun searching for that lil twist! hehe.

Alright, time to wrap things up!

Before I go, I hereby wish my readers an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wow, how time flies - hmm that means a post abt resolutions is in sight - I shall procastinate abt that teehee... (as I'd procastinated on this year's post, YES till now I haven't list down, so yup, a tad too late for that ade lah lol)

Right, I'm off to enjoy myself at my aunt's xmas party tmr! Tataz~


k0k s3n w4i said...

Merry Xmas, zzzyun :D

Zzzyun said...

merry christmas to you too! =D may u have an enjoyable day!

lynnx01 said...

MErry Christmas!

And the gift box is really cool. I've seen my friend did something like that for a few of her friends. It is creative and everyone can just contribute something in. In fact, we also did a 'junk food' box for each senior in CF for their EOS 5. We randomly dump a bag of chips, wafer bars, a piece of note etc inside for them.

Zzzyun said...

hullo. just commented at ur blog and so fast, u appear here ade haha.

yup i think most girls would like that sort of gift box rite? ^v^ wow, that junk food box idea sounds nice too..