Friday, December 14, 2007

Writing Or Singing With Your Soul

Oops it's been so long since I last posted. Pls accept my humble apologies. But then it's not all my fault either as I've been pretty occupied (read: busy) with lots of stuff recently that I was not prepared for. haha..

I just started my literature selective this monday and boy, it has been a really fun week! Compared to other groups I think, ours has been pretty light and enjoyable *pities those who got pharmaco - heard that it's a total bore*

The workshop with Charlie Dark on tuesday was really an eye-opener. He taught us how to carry ourselves confidently while talking to a patient. And to shut off our brains and use our hearts more sometimes. I had to admit, I lost my poem-artsy-writing-streak once I stepped into the all-facts-pls-put-a-stop-to-your-emotions-med school.

It was always about the next exam, the next lecture, the next textbook, the next fact that you try hard to squeeze into the brain which is screaming in pain from information overload. What a life. =/

But now's a time for it to recuperate. Maybe I'll let my right brain take command over the left brain for a while. I'm sure I'd pretty much overworked the poor cells in me left brain. *starts imaginining how a left brain failure patient would look like -_-*

Sometimes the literature classes feel more like sociology classes. It's really interesting to see my batchmates start discussing abt what the author is really trying to say or portray. [E.g. is the persona a homosexual or why did the a character changed his sex from a male to a female?] The reasons to justify each are countless and we could argue for days end and it wouldn't be enough haha..

Anyway, besides being kept busy with literature classes - which I gotta admit doesn't really take up that much of my time these days, I'm now currently busy with the Friday Night preparations. Friday Night is something like a talent night in my uni. I was asked to be a backup singer by my friend. When I heard the song, I cudn't imagine that I'd be able to sing that. lol. so yeah practices are taking a relatively big chunk of my supposedly shld be really free time during this first week of selectives. But it's definitely a new experience! =)

Okay I won't say more, you just gotta come see this thing for yourself! It's tomorrow night! Do come okay. And pretend you dunno me when you see me on stage haha.. For those not so privileged to see the performances live, I shall be very kind to post a video on my blog so you can imagine that you were there okie! ^v^

There's a lot more I wanna blog about - suewen's bday party, post-renal post etc but hey one good thing at a time, okay? Toodles and I'm waiting to see you at friday nite alright!

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k33LaLa said...

dear u did well. Hehe. A bunch of Ai Pia gals! Ai Pia Jia Ei Ya (high-pitched voice) Woo hoo~

Zzzyun said...

ooo thks dear! =) haha guys shldnt do the high pitched parts, damn weird keke.

Yes, Ai Pia Jia Ei Yia!! ^^