Saturday, December 29, 2007

How I Waste Time With Facebook

Oops another filler post of sorts. My blog posts has been less than scintillating lately, huh? What to do, no emo-ing is a good thing, but emo-ing is the thing that makes me produce thoughtful meaningful posts sometimes.

Anyway, I did play around with photoshop for some of the pics below though. It's fun! Making things pretty!

Ooh ya, I'm supposed to be introducing how I waste my time with Facebook, right? (refer to title of post pls)

Yes, Facebook is really fun once you started on it. Did I mention that it is addictive too? lol. Okay I'm gonna intro some of the applications that got me hooked.

If you love puzzles, this application called PuzzleBee is just the thing for you!

before and after

They have puzzles in amazingly large numbers. All made by the people who are participants of the application themselves. This way, there would be more varied type of puzzles! And all puzzles are categorized by way of tags, so you can always search for your favourite type of puzzle!

I have always been a fan of puzzles but dislike spending money on something you can only use one time. And I lurve things that are different everytime!

So this application came just at the right time! Everyday I can play different puzzles and difficulty is ranged from easy, medium to difficult so that means I can use my breaks in btw cramming facts for this! Freshens the mind, doesn't it? hehe...

Next up is the (fluff)friends application. It's kinda like a virtual online tamagochi where you can adopt a pet but minus it bobbing about tho haha.

Anway, besides adopting the main pet, you can buy minis too with munny. Minis are minature versions of the pets available and they will keep your pet company. So cute aren't they? hehe..

a white christmas for my leppit teehee

And now besides the minis, you can buy different sort of habitats and decorations for your pet. The range they are coming up with is quite nice! Check it out! lol.

Besides acting cute and letting you feed them, you can let them challenge your frenz's pets in a race. And to earn munny, you bet on which pet will win. Kinda like a horse race, except there are no horses so far haha.

Well, so far that's about what they can do. I know, sounds kinda boring after a while, but hey gotta find a way to waste that time, right? =P

Next application is Jetman. Very simple game. Just click and hold to fly, or release to freefall. And yes, avoid any sort of blockades.

ah yes I photoshopped in that "wee!" lol

Sounds too simple for you smart asses out there? hehe Have a try. The highest score goes to those who can go on longest without knocking anything! Not an easy feat, mind you! Moi is pretty bad at this... blek.

Last but not least is virtual Sudoku!

guaranteed to bust your brains out

If you can't enough of the free sudoku puzzles you get in the newspapers daily, this application is for you!

There are 3 types of sudoku available: the normal numerals, chinese numbers and the last one is so cute, with different types of sushi! haha. The last 2 is definitely harder especially if one is used to the first type. keke.

Btw if any of my frenz want any of the above applications, just lemme know and I'll send you an invite! *winks*

Okla, so thus ends my filler post. (well I did spend quite some time on the photoshopping!) Hmm I shld be working on my new-year-resolutions-post but I'm lazy and shall procastinate on that more serious post! huhu.

PS: Yeap, hols coming to an end! =/ Shall be going back kl tmr and getting my scary renal results on monday. =(((

PPS: Oops, almost forgot. Wish all those who are sitting EOS5 the best of luck!! Just do your best and I'm sure you guys will be great. =)


k0k s3n w4i said...

Happy Nu Yur!

I have a facebook account.
I also have a list of people requesting for me to add them into my friends list WHICH I have yet to summon up the interest to look at.

Zzzyun said...

ooo happy new year to you too! haha.

oh u have a facebook account? i shall add u into my frenz' list soon keke. so pls accept my request okie! LoL..