Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Storm Within A Storm

I'm still FAR from accomplishing what I shld have done by now in my revision schedule. I am so dead!!!

Oh whatever, just gotta do my best. Pray they will ask basic Qs and not detailed ones. Pray my brain will serve me well during those few days of exams. Coz now moi's brain can't remember what moi studied a few days back. AHHH!

What's the use of studying if I can't remember what I studied? =(


No airing of dirty linen in public channels allowed. yes mum said tat. But she never said anything abt doing it in a vague nondescript way though! Besides it's not even my linen, figuratively.

Anyway, there was an emotional outburst. Like many incidents that happened prior to this. (don't worry, it wasn't me)

People's emotions were running wild like an elephant on a rampage. Tension. Negligence. Depression. Indignance. at being treated as such. A vicious cycle indeed.

Hey, have you ever wondered - what if it's all in the mind?

(Don't worry if you don't understand. you're not supposed to. I'm just randomly stringing words together for effect. hah.)


eeveehow said...

I totally understand you, the eos is killing me, now have to prepare for health issue exam also, just feel like tearing all my notes, haha!

Zzzyun said...

yeah.. everyone is in the same boat too.. but some are progressing well.. some are lagging like me. (i dont think many is as bad as me tho sigh*)

and health issues is soooo boring!! very hard to read leh..

i wanna burn all my notes. and drink them so i can rmb all i studied!! LOL