Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paying The Price

I think I'll never ever change my procastinating habits. I've tried to be better and there was slight improvement during the previous few in-course-systems.

But there I go. I went slack for this coming big one. EOS 5.

I am dead.

*inserts emoticon of dead skeleton buried under notes*

I've been trying very hard these few days. Going into turbo mode. But it still ain't fast enough. I don't think I can finish one round for all the systems. And I can't remember much of what I studied earlier.

Do you think it would be okay if I skip one system??

*inserts super guilty and panicky face*

Must tell own self to relax and don't panic. Hyperventilating won't help anything...

I can do this. I must trust my brain...

Health Issues' exams was CRAP. It was pretty hard and I can't believe a lecturer so nonchantly said it was the easiest exam he had ever seen. My ass. I shouldn't had spend so much time studying for that. It was so boring too. bah!


anne said...

health issues was pigsh*t and i too rue the days ive spent mugging since it wouldnt have made MUCH of a difference if i had only skimmed through the notes. it bruised me alright . considering how brittle we've all gotten from bouts of exams, offers, and girly apprehensions , i think we owe ourselves a big hurrah @ the end of the day.

i should say his candid remarks were to amplify that ego as a lecturer and who no longer has to buckle asses in exam halls as on our level. btw it ticked me off a lil too .

hope to make it through in one piece...

apologize for "it's ranting heavily on your blog". pitter patter ! anywayz gambatte ! if seniors could do it , so can m106.

Titus Tang said...

Hey all da best in your exams!

* inserts emoticon of skeleton buried under notes, which crawls out determined to study for the exams.. *

* ..tomorrow *

lol, just joking :p

Zzzyun said...

anne> haha glad tat someone agreed with me on his unnecessary comments. his attitude really makes me "tulanrensis" lol.

so true the fact tat mugging for health issues and just skimming thru wudnt make much of a difference! sigh.

titus> thanks! wah.. and making my skeleton sucha determined one.. but still a procastinator in the end.. haha..