Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take A Break

Okay better to update my blog now or else Yannie say will abandon my blog ade T_T haha can't believe I'm updating my blog so little now.

What's the best effective way to kill a blogger's enthusiam? Clinicals years! lol.

Anyway, we went to have a late dinner at this lovely italian restaurant called Ciao Italia which gets the thumbs up from me! The carbonara is to die for, the taste is so.. genuine!! The bosses of the restaurant are italian so this is the real deal hehe.

Then we went to the casino just for fun. The guys won some money and I tried my luck at one of those machines thingamajig. I almost lost all of my 2 dollars (yes I know I bet very small but sorry lar, I tak cukup duit ade) but at the very end, I got a big win and won back my 2 dollars. I declare it a sign from the powers-to-be that they wanted me to stop playing hahaha.. :P


MSK didn't start out very fun for the first day. Was pretty stressed out coz they bombarded us with so much stuff in a short period of time. @.@

But today's sessions were so much better. Was able to get a better handle of things. I need to chill a bit and don't put so much stress on myself.. yeah. Wish that I can have more 'me' time and study time too..

Okay that's it for now, my hair is dry already so time for me to say hi to my lovely comfy bed. And bye to you guys!

PS: Yannie, is this post satisfactory? :P up to expectations? *raises eyebrow*

PPS: I keep feeling like wanna put "Have a kit kat" after my post title lol


Harry MacDowel said...

haha chill~~!!

Zzzyun said...

okie that is so deja vu!

coz b4 i put 'take a break' as this post's title, i was thiking of 'chill' as a title.. haha!

LY@nn said...

wah, i feel pretty honoured tat u blogged just because i whined at ur lack of post! :P

anyway, just do ur best & dun overstress urself. clinicals r definately overwhelming but dun forget to take a breather every once in a while. :)

gambatte on la, zizi! we're all rooting for ya!

take care! xoxo

Zzzyun said...

thank you, Yannie! yes u must feel honoured hehe..

yeap must take breaks..and nonid to worry abt that! im pro in taking breaks haha..

anyway u do also do ur best in ur coming exam! enjoy the time left b4 u start clinicals, its a difficult time.

gambate all my frenz! :D