Sunday, March 22, 2009

If I Had One Wish

LDR is not easy.

An occasional webcam can only substitute so much.

If I had one wish, I will wish you can be here with me.

But I must stay strong.

Coz what we have is something special. And it will be all worth it in the end.



MichelleG said...

yea it's hard. it's not the same and i always did wish that we are at least in the same country but tht's never going to happen so just have to stay strong and be very understanding and try not to be over attached and find something to do with ur frens so that you wont feel it that much. and yea it's alrite to cry. =)

Titus Tang said...

Hey~ Stay strong yea. =)

k33LaLa said...

We can make it dear! Dont Worry! =D

Harry MacDowel said...

outing with frens is very important...dun juz stay at home, it will manifest your loneliness.

try to keep yourself busy. it helps.

Zzzyun said...

michelle> hey thanks michelle, ur advice is pretty useful. :) trying to be understanding and not over attached. but sometimes its difficult coz here the social group is really lacking. only got the imu peeps and everybody's busy also. but yes i know we can all do it right!! we gotta stay strong ^^

titus> thanks, i'll try my best.

kee> yeah hopefully with a little luck and fate, we can. =)

yilong> thks for the advice. actually its kinda 'lucky' that im quite busy most of the time coz u know la, everyday after come bk from hosp need to cook summore, so by the end of the day quite tired out d. but weekends are kinda boring here. there is nothing to do in perth!! i need more things to fill my time and studying isnt one of them =(

vi said...

I understand how you feel. Is not easy to be optimistic and positive all the time.And what more frustrating is: it is always easier said than done!!

But hang in there!! see, aussie and msia is nearer :) u will be much happier thinking so.

Love does not recognise distance, slowly but surely, you guys will get there!!

JIAYOU!!! muacks!

Zzzyun said...

Yeah!! my feelings exactly. prob because u are going thru the same thing as well.

I do try to be positive and all but it's not easy to be so cheery all the time, isnt it? And definitely easier said than done!!

Anyway thks for the wishes :) we'll try our best.

Wish u and Leang all the best as well. do take care. xoxo.

~*eley *~ said...

darling ah, with kee i think u don't have to worry. he's forever saying.. oh! i have to go back and talk to ziyun. :P have faith girl. frankly i admire ppl who can live thru LDR. like leang n vi for instance. it IS worth it in the end. :)

Zzzyun said...

hahaha, thats really sweet of him. later i give him afew virtual hugs :P :P

well i think if we can make it thru this LDR, we probably can get thru more than that. so u and david cherish each other more k! i envy that u guys get to be together most of the time..

but anyway, gambate for everyone in LDR! we all can make it! :)