Saturday, March 07, 2009

Past Week

Oh noes, I really must force myself to update more. Cannot go on like this. Sei! all my readers run away ade! haha..

Anyway, it's been a busy week, as usual. Busy will be the most overused word in my blog for the next few years I think. aihs.

So, geriatrics is finally done! Can't believe 1 month just whooshed past so fast! Next up will be MSK which means I hvta get used to things again. New teams, new wards. Lucky still at the same hospital though. It's just a 15 min bus ride so it's pretty convenient.

Oh ya, I got a pretty good mark for my case report which is great! The doctor commented that I was motivated and hardworking.. which really made my day. :) I'm happy that my hard work paid off. Not in the sense of studying (coz slack quite often blek) but in the sense of on time for ward rounds and enthusiam I guess.

Must continue to keep the fire burning!!


We finally had the imu annual gathering today. It was a bbq at Maltida Bay. Food was plentiful and we made brownies too! hehe yeah my famous fudge brownies :P

We met some of the 5th years, 6th years and interns and residents too. Too many that I'm confused about the names and who's who. lol. We probably shld have more gatherings in the future so that we can bond better yeh. *winks*


Oh ya, we finally went to get the coffee table from Bibiana too. Thanks so much! Now we finally have a place to eat dinner haha..

And I have been dilligently cooking the past week. Trying to save some money coz spent quite a bit while settling in. And ready served food here so damn expensive! haih. But if I cook myself, so much cheaper le. I will post up the photos of some of the food I cooked ya when I get them from Debbi. Probably shld consider getting a camera soon. Saw some reasonably priced ones earlier.

So anticipate the food photos! I have been pretty creative! Online recipes are fun! keke.

PS: yesh sorry for the boring uncreative title. My brain juices are dry ade!


richard said...

really, busy is a word overly used for medical students... ward rounds, on-calls, studies.its juz never ending work.haha

Zzzyun said...

yeah.. i dont hv on calls yet but im finding it hard to fit my time in for every thing..

'me' time or studies? haha big dilemma :P

btw do i know u personally? u seemed kinda familiar..

~*eley *~ said...

hahaha imu ppl are forever having gatherings.. :D glad to know we're so close knitted!!!

Zzzyun said...

haha actually this is the 1st gathering we had even tho we have been here for almost 2 months. well they were waiting for the 6th years to get back tho..

but i think need more regular gatherings or hard to get to know everybody well enough..