Monday, March 30, 2009

To Ikea I Went

Today I didn't have classes and at first planned to stay at home to study for my upcoming msk exam this friday.

But in the end I decided to make a quick trip to Ikea (well as quick as I could) to get a new table lamp. Coz the old one was really irritating and impairing my ability to study :P excuses! haha but really, it was kinda dark and the bulb was sticking out of the shade so when I look straight ahead, it was too glaring. make me go @.@

Anyway, so off I went. It was good weather to me. Cloudy and windy.

I had to take the train to a suburb then take another bus to Ikea. And the murals in the train station there were really pretty. So I managed to take some photos to show you guys what I mean. (putting my camera to good use eh ^^)


corridor to the other side

depicting the perth train - looks pretty real to me

interesting - her facial features are so sharp!

this is what happens when you have long hair in space! lol

giant at bridge?

omg love those fusion of colours there!

animals having recreation time, haha!

So what do you guys think? Really beautiful works of art, huh?

It's amazing how they encourage this sort of creativity here. A lot of imagination must have gone into this, these few pictures aren't really enough to show you the whole big picture!

Anyway, since I was there, decided to have lunch at Ikea. The lunch there is really delicious and cheap too (comparing to other food outside)!

And my absolute favourite there is Swedish Meatballs!

If you thought the ones at Ikea Malaysia are good, you haven't tried these yet!! Seriously, these are really to-die-for-melt-in-your-mouth meatballs!!

Chye reckoned it's because they added pork inside, thats why it's so tasty! hehe

I decided to have dessert too, but instead of the Daim cake which is as yummy as the one I had in Msia, I decided to try the chocolate mousse.

my verdict? too damn sweet even for me. I couldn't finish it, which was a pity =/

Anyway, so that was the part of my day which wasn't spent trying to force myself to concentrate on my lectures notes.

And yes, I'm very satisfied with my new table lamp now. :) Hopefully I will be able to study better!

Okay back to my notes! Wish me luck. kthxbai.

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