Friday, March 20, 2009

Labour Of Love: Part I

Edited again: And yet again, I have replaced and added some photos to this post. It gets better eh!

Edited: Finally managed to get photoshop in this comp. so the photos have been replaced with better ones! haha, enjoy!


Yesh I know my blog has been devoid of photos recently, that has been due to a combo of = lack of own camera + lack of photoshop on this new comp yet + lazyness on my own part.

Anyhow, with Debbi's camera (thanks!) + smothering the perfectionist in me by allowing these photos to go on my blog without photoshop, these photos are finally able to see the daylight. Do pardon me if the lighting and what not is not perfect.

Okay I will go get my camera soon! Saw some pretty good deals. What do u guys think? Which brand is better? Canon, Olympus or Samsung? Pls lemme know!

Better stop digressing. Anyway here are the photos of some of the food that I cooked in the past 2 weeks. I need more ideas! haha..

claypot chicken rice without claypot!

haha I love shitake mushrooms so much! yummy. Recipe here.

steamed chicken and stir fried vege

one of my standard favs.

pasta with boulognaisse sauce!

hoho chicken rice! cooked from scratch! yes i'm serious

Recipe available here. and because I was having a craving for chicken rice at that time. lol

this is the pasta that I said we copied from italiannies last time.

Very simple. Just pasta mixed with raisins and apple slices and with a dressing of mayonaisse. I added sausages though

and tada~!! fish and chips!

very simple to make using my mum's recipe hehe. if you wanna know can ask me :)

Okie that's all for now. Hope you all enjoyed the photos! And gimme more ideas for cooking pls. I don't like eating the same food again and again. haha. But I always take so damn long to finish cooking. It is indeed the labour of love for me.!!

And guess what. It's finally friday again! I hope I will have time/energy to blog more during the weekend. Cya for now!


xan-di said...

hey.. long time no see!! geoff gave me this new food blog.. very good alot of recipes.. but not sure how nice it is..

Zzzyun said...

hey Xandra, long time no see ade! thanks for the recommendation! i will check it out later...

anyway how's things in seremban? good?

Peiying said...

Canon's always better for cameras.
If you don't mind the designs that is.
Other brands have nicer design, but when it comes to quality of photos, Canon's the best.

fireheart said...!! Hehe...Get those packet mixes sent from Msia - only RM80 for 20kg by ship!!

It's all so worth it in the end. Ask your parents to send you some ikan bilis and dried shrimps too...makes life so much easier. And make one pot cooking...hehe.

Zzzyun said...

peiying> hey b4 i saw ur comment i already bought a canon haha.. so ngam! yaloh the design not so nice la but i guess the quality shld be better.. why la canon cannot hire better designers lol! then everybody will be clamouring for them d. haha..

fireheart> haha actually in perth there's an abundance of packet mixes! prob becoz many asians here kua. easy to get from asian grocery store in the city.

but sometimes eat too much of those mixes not healthy also.. and good to learn to cook certain easy stuff from scratch? hehe.. but thks for the advice tho. is it diff to get these mixes in tassie?

Peiying said...

yalor. i've always wished canon can come out with better designs too. even though i'm not getting myself a cam. haha.