Friday, March 13, 2009


Thank god it's friday! This week has not been an easy one, really.

For msk, we are not allocated wards or teams. And we have this workbook of 14 clinical examinations we hvta fill in. So instead, we hvta see patients in clinics (which quite sadly, we are only allowed 2 rheumato and 2 orthopaedic clinics in this 1 month max) or else hvta hunt down patients in wards that we are not attached to.

NOT my fav job in the world. Kacau-ing doctors that I'm not attached to. haha but still I did it! I paged a random dr the other day and talked to a few other drs just to find patients. Can you believe it? I'm becoming more pushy assertive like how the angmohs are. >.<

And still I find it difficult to do it on my own. Coz I'm still a bit lost when it comes to msk clinical examination! Need to find ppl to gimme feedback. And hence the search for a partner.

Anyway, I partnered with 4 different ppl before finding someone who seemed like a good match. Two were too assertive (you get my point? without me being too obvious) and one was part of a big group so didn't think it was a good idea to separate him from his group. It was only today that I found a girl that was also looking for a partner and seemed rather nice. She's from sri lanka originally so kinda reminded me of my sri lankan friends back home in imu.

The ppl here learnt examination of the knee and elbow in 3rd year but it was all rather new to me. The knee examination is pretty complicated! Lucky she was nice enough to teach me. :) I must brush up more on it.. sigh.

So far, am not really liking this msk posting. I don't think orthopaedics are my cup of tea. Lifting obese legs off the bed is a struggle for me. =/ sorry I not enough strength lar. But at least the patients are more lucid. (some are too lucid that they will talk nonstop!)

Rheumatology is not too bad tho. I'm not too bad when it comes to examining hand joints for nodes or ostephytes or whatever. But other joints? not so good. Need more practice!! And don't forget confidence. The angmohs are pretty confident even if they know nuts sometimes. They can pretty much talk their way thru anything. I must pretend to be confident since I am not! YESH!

And I feel I don't have enough time to study! Everyday it's come home from hospital, take super long time to cook (I dunno why, I'm slow I guess) then shower then sit down in front of computer and stone. Okay not stone lah but do what I need to do that day like write up stuff or whatever but then it willl be time to sleep - wei no time study eh!! :O

Must try to squeeze out some time. okay. Speaking of that, this is a pretty long post for once and I need to write out the clinical examinations we did today before I forget. Can't wait to finish that logbook!

Ciao for now! Weekend is here hurray!


sam said...

gambate!!! besides, it sounds like you're on way to becoming a great doctor!!! =)

Zzzyun said...

hey sam! thanks!

haha i dont think im anywhere near being a doctor yet...but with time, hopefully will. :)

how are u btw??