Sunday, April 25, 2010


So it's a Sunday afternoon and I'm hiding in my room after a nice bath and lunch of salad. *feels healthy* haha. It's bright outside but I have the blinds down in my comfy relatively dark room.

Was planning to sleep in today after a physically and mentally tiring week. But as you would have it, a neighbour has to mow the lawn/vacuum with some industrial strength machine at half past 10 on a sunday morning. NOT COOL!!

It woke me up and I couldn't really get back to sleep. I seemed to have lost the ability to sleep in. Especially if I'm woken up halfway. Why larrr... Have I gotten used to functioning on less sleep? (that would be handy!) But I would really like to have a good sleep in when I want to. Miss that feeling when you have just woken up from a nice long deep sleep.

Anyway, I had another weird dream. I dunno if you can call it a nightmare. It involved 2 ppl who looked kinda like ppl I know but aren't exactly them. So I was friends with this couple. And somehow one day, the girl went missing. And I found out that the guy has murdered the girlfriend in a fit of rage. Scary-nya... Last time I dream about an accident, now it's homicide!! OMG. And no, I didn't see anything like that on the news this time.

I wonder what are these dreams telling me... There must be something weird floating around in my subconscious...

Okay, I think I just have an overactive brain. How I wish it would use itself for more useful stuff like memorizing the entire list of antibiotics and microorganisms. -___-"


Harry MacDowel said...

Every story (dreams, feelings, emotions, judgments) occurring in your universe reflects part of you. They are not hints to something. They are just you. They might be the subconscious part of you, conscious part of you, part of you which you have forgotten, and part of you which you run away from. Reflect on this and you might discover a new part of yourself.

For the external disturbance part, can't help much lol. Just go buy earbutts.

Zzzyun said...

haha...well i wonder who is the person im interested in murdering?? better stop those tendencies..! hehe

and yea. i hope the neighbours will stop doing that on weekend mornings..