Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today is a sunday (understatement of the year, I know) so that means monday is coming tomorrow. :(

Yes, I do look forward to seeing patients and pretending to be a pseudo-doctor sometimes. but hey, I would gladly love a few more days of break... to study.

Omg haha, I sound like a nerd. But too bad lah, this year cannot slack like last year already. Cannot last minute cram everything like last year. Or sure gone case wan, with the immense amount we need to study this year. Brain info overload. It's like when I read B, out goes A from my tiny brain. (microcephaly, anyone? okay sry! enough with the geek jokes *slap*)

Anyway, where was I? yeah. I need more time to breathe... I want to pass this year and go to 6th year smoothly. Coz this year is the hardest according to seniors. After that, should be alright.

I wanted to sleep in this morning. But somehow, I couldn't. Was awakened by someone going to the bathroom a nightmare I had. It was a really weird one though... Medically related, which makes it all the more scary.

Somehow, in the dream, I had suffered some serious internal injury... And I could see myself bleeding from one of the major vessels in the body. The blood was flowing quickly, bright red in colour. And somehow, I was looking down at my body from above - kinda like in those out-of-body-experience sort of stories.

And like how dreams normally are, I woke up suddenly, remembering only the above fragments...

Could it because I saw a report on the news last night abt a 15 yo girl who was in an accident, then was dragged for 80m under the car (the driver was trying to flee the scene! wth) and has sustained massive head injuries and is now in the ICU in PMH? Read more here. I hope she's doing okay. sigh.

Life is fleeting. Savour it when you still can.

PS: Sorry about the sudden depressing morbidity. But you know, life is not all about roses and sunshine.


Mizz Ali said...

hi i recently found your blog and I love it!!!!


Zzzyun said...

hi mizz ali,

thanks for the comment! :)