Thursday, April 22, 2010


To be honest, this week wasn't that bad. But it somehow seems to be. The fatigue overwhelms.

I don't mind being tired if my effort pays off... but as life would have it, it's often the opposite that happens.

I get frustrated when ppl who do less but get more in return just because they are sweet talkers/good-looking etc. While ppl who work hard gain nothing. It pisses me off. What happened to the "you reap what you sow" philosophy? I really shouldn't be whining about this.

I'm telling myself to look at the good side of things when I have these bouts of bad luck. I'm so much luckier than so many ppl on this earth. One look at the very sick critically ill kids in the wards, and I know I'm just a pathetic whiner.

I think I'm just sensitive at this moment. It must be the hormones talking. (yeah, blame it on the hormones! how convenient!)

Okay. Emotional quotient time: Zzzyun, what you need is to not take things personally but instead, in moderation - and to be at ease with your self if you know you have done your best.


Ah Pei said...

hahaha...i've got a feeling you're a winner if u think carefully. :)

Harry MacDowel said...

Lately I found that every single emotion has two sides to it: the yin and yang. There's no so-called good side or bad side.

For eg, the most powerful emotion in this world would have to be love. Religion like Christianity promotes love, but I always feel strange that why alot of Christians are still in suffering. I think the major reason to this is the religion does not look deep enough into the philosophical part.

In aikido, one does not fend off an attack by applying more force. Because if you apply force onto force, you create more force. Rather, we use the force applied on you back to your enemy by redirecting it.

The same thing with emotions. You feel hatred. You do not try to contain it, nor do you try to change it. It is just there, but you have to balance the yin and yang side of it. You might ask, what's the correct balance? How do I do it? I have no answer to you on that. It varies from people to people. It is your godsend gift if you can get yourself an insight on that and then take control of yourself. Do not try to make urself feel better. When you do that during times like that, you give birth to another kind of emotion or feeling. Trying to change emotion gives birth to another emotion. The same analogy of trying to contain force gives birth to a stronger force. In the end you will have tonnes of emotions (or force) that overwhelm you.

Yes hormones do affect. But then, ain't it a good chance to look deeper into yourself? I start to realize more of Buddha's teaching. You love, but you love peacefully. Or in another word, you love with your love balanced in your heart within your universe of periphery. You feel sad, but you feel sad peacefully. The feeling is still there but you are not shaken by it. You ride a boat in the midst of the stormy sea, but your boat stays peace and calm all the way.

Amitabha. Or God bless you. I guess it is your fate to hear this. It is part of my realization during this period of my meditation. Hope I do help you. Good luck.

Harry MacDowel said...

Hope you don't mind I paste part of my comment to your post on my newest post. =)


Zzzyun said...

Pei> haha you might be right! so gotta up the EQ a little! :D

Yi long> wow i must say that's a rather long comment.. thank you first! it does make sense on some lvl. did some aikido previously so understood the concept.

you're right abt the fact trying to supress an emotions makes it spill over to become smtg else... it's much better to examine it and think why are u feeling this way? that's why im telling myself to think of the good side of things when i have bad luck...

and yeah, that's life. i gotta accept it. besides, i know im so much luckier than so many ppl in this world.

i hope all is well with you too! thanks again for the comments :)