Friday, April 09, 2010

First Taste

First clinical week of paediatrics has just passed. Pretty full on since I am attached to a general paediatric team.

Seen quite a few patients but still a bit tentative when it comes to history taking and examination of sick kids though. Not sure how to handle them confidently yet. But hopefully that will come with time. :)

I was pleasantly surprised to see the clown doctors that came to the wards this afternoon. I think they are real doctors who dress up as clowns and try to bring some smiles to the poor kids. And omg, they are good. The kid in my team who apparently didn't like clowns according to his parents, LAUGH out loud at the silly antics of the clown doctors. Amazing stuff.

And I really quite like how they try to make the hospital as kid-friendly as possible. Colourful walls with murals/cartoons etc. And they have someone call a play coordinator. And they are in charge of bringing different sort of toys for the kids of different ages. Love the stuff they have. Apparently can even ask for x-boxs or laptops. Seriously awed.

And did I say how cute the babies are?? Omg. I think I've been influenced by the baby-loving bf!! lol. But it's so nice when the babies smile at you. Or the feeling you get when kids accept you when they were a bit wary initially. I hope I will be able to develop more of these skills of how to talk to kids of different ages.

But there's always a flip side to everything. It makes me really sad to see kids who are really sick and hvta be in and out of hospital all the time. Or who have multiple congenital abnormalities and are suffering. sigh.

Balance the good with the bad. Moderation is the mantra of life.

And I want to try to make life a bit better for those who are suffering; and I hope I will not forget or lose myself along the way, in the years to come.


KeeLaLa said... the baby-loving bf? XD

Zzzyun said...

haha arent you? what do u think? :P