Friday, April 02, 2010


I'm so glad it's the super long weekend! We don't get many public holidays here in aussie, ya know. 4 free days is precious.

I was just sitting on my desk, thinking just now. Thinking about what I went through last year. The first year thrown into a foreign country wasn't my idea of fun at all. Being alone and yet surrounded by people who looked foreign, talked strangely, and throw you weird looks.

Sounds like an equation for fun? hurhur.

But come this year, everything seems different. It's not like I've totally blended into their community, but at least I'm not the sore thumb out now (well I hope). You could say I'm like a chaemeleon, changing her colours to suit the environment. But inside, she's still the same ol' person.

And why am I talking about myself in the third person suddenly? blek.


There seems to be a lot to study for in 5th year. So much that it's quite overwhelming!!

It's sad that they all expect medical students/doctors to be this hyper high-functioning person (superman/woman!) that can go to hospital everyday and be kind to pts and yet still do a proper history/examination and come up with a logical diagnosis and management plan. And go back home to study, cook, exercise and do another 1 million things. Don't forget taking care of their family if they already have one.

Wtf is that??? We are human too, okay! :(


On a totally unrelated note, I really find it hard to talk to ppl who I can't get along with but still have to due to certain (unrevealable - is that a word?) reasons. I really wanna just throw in the towel and give up.

But I tell myself, Zzzyun, what you need is patience.


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