Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Down Day

Dunno why, don't feel good today, especially after the numerous Pathology labs today.

Felt kinda lethargic and went back and slept for more than 2 hours. And you know I normally don't do afternoon naps if I can help it. I didn't even felt like going out for dinner, so just cooked smtg simple.

I was kinda demoralized after the patho labs... coz the lecturers were asking so many things. And now only I finally come to the realization that I cannot remember so many things! *starts panicking and hyperventilating*

Maybe this is the wake up call I've been waiting for? I hope it motivates me instead of demoralizing me.

I dunno how am I gonna go thru the next month. With nothing on my mind but studying? I prefer if someone wud kindly shoot me.

Okay, fine, that was just crap. But seriously, I don't look forward to studying all the time for 4 more weeks.

I better buck up... coz really don't wanna fail as this exam is super important! I don't want to let my family down either. And I really wanna be a good doctor.

Right, enough crapping and back to burying my head among the notes.

PS: I need your support and encouragement now. But you're not here now. But I know you're giving me mental strength from afar. =)

PPS: KKB posting next monday till thursday. I'm grateful that I got the shorter, no-need-to spend-weekend-grp. But I kinda dislike the environment there which is either rainy or super hot. And that'd be yet another few days wasted which I don't think I can do any productive studying. *sigh*


AiLing said...

Right- here is the wake up call.....

Not trying to scare you, or make you hyperventilate go into a state of tachycardia....but one month isn't long to go.....

Especially when you have 2 semester's worth of stuff to study.
Better start that you feel more confident nearing the time, and you have time to actually go through your notes for a second time to enhance your memory or do past year questions.

This is from someone who experienced first hand the result of not starting early enough. ^-^

Good luck for your exams preparations!! Take it steady and take care of your health especially this month. :)

k0k s3n w4i said...

Oh... I can identify so well with what you are feeling.

It'll pass - at least - it always did for me.

take care

Zzzyun said...

ailing> ooo thks for the advice! but come to think of it, i had experienced the horrible time of not finishing notes on time when i sat for my eos1. it was a horrible few days just b4 eos1.

so u'd think i'd been sufficiently cowered into studying hard eh? guess only fools wud make the same mistake twice. hope im not gonna do that! o.O

and past yr Qs! how cud i forget! oh my...

but yeah, time to get that whip cracking on me back! (no i dont mean S&M! lol.) thks. ^^

k0k> thks for the support! i think a lot of med students can identify very well with this feeling.

i hope it'll pass soon, but that's at least 1 month away! anyway, just thks. =)