Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling Better

Hell yeah, this is the 3rd day of the self-proclaimed holiday and I'm feeling much better after some much needed rest!

Haven't been feeling well since yesterday morning - tummy was feeling bloated plus some dull ache. Palpated myself and felt guarding all over - omg generalized peritonitis!! lol. I shall try not to overeat again. (actually it wasn't my fault but I shall not dwell on it already)

Anyway, went to play basketball with the guys this morning. Wow it was certainly a good workout that my old bones needed! Sweating haven't been so much fun! haha.. My technique wasn't as bad as I tot, althou super long didn't play ade.. Now only realized how much I missed it!

There are some posts up my sleeve - pity them, have been hiding in drafts for sucha long time. I shall try to dig them up these few days alright.

Hmm my tummy is grumbling now. I want lunch!!

Okay ciao~

PS: Must start studying soon... althou the spirit and the body are both unwilling.. but must must start studying!!

PPS: How come nobody seems to be reading my blog wan? I guess it must be because of the few busy weeks I rarely update that has already chased all my readers away.. *sigh*


Genova said...

got ppl read lah...haha.
just keep posting.

Zzzyun said...

haha ok ok.. at least u are reading.. =)

Titus Tang said...

Me 2 !!

Zzzyun said...

oh my when did u started reading?

i didnt even know u have my url!! haha

anyway welcome aboard!

fireheart said...

me 3!