Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Minute Spurt

As usual, blogging has been pushed way down my list of priorities since I've started sem5 (ahem 3rd year medical student - make way make way!) so when I do blog, I am always supposed to be doing smtg else.

Today is no different.

My CNS exam is this coming friday. Yes, less than 48 hours to mug!! *yikes*

I know you guys will say "aiya she always say that wan" but it is true! I still have tonnes of notes to finish (omg still in first round!) so yeah I am basically dead.

(I think I need the adrenaline rush/stress to push me to study - what do you think?)

Let's hope the exam and/or lecturers are kind to us too this time around.

CNS's notes are damn scary, most of them take damn long to read - well at least I take a very LONG time to read even one note. Aihs. So much content in one note!

Okay, I better go save my ass by publishing this filler post and continue studying!

Good luck, everyone! This is the last crazy-ass ICA! go go~


Genova said...

good luck. all da best

Zzzyun said...

hey thanks alot. =)