Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post NS

My eyelids seemed to be involuntarily dropping down (*gasp* ptosis!) due to recent partial sleep deprivation but I am still adamant in my goal to blog abt recent events before taking the forty winks I rightly deserve.

Well, as the normal tradition, I shall again blog abt the exam before going on to the festivities, alright?

Looking back at this headache-giving-anxiety-filled Nervous system, I must say, we certainly have come far. The 2.5 years will be up soon. I can't help but stiffle a snuffle when I think abt it. T_T (wait don't you think "sniffle a snuffle" sounds farny? It's like a tongue twister or smtg haha)

Jokes aside, in my opinion, the Nervous system is certainly rather aptly named.. coz it turns all of us into nervous worrisome creatures trying our utmost best to read, understand and memorize all the important points!

*huge sigh*

Anyway, I must say... thank god that the exam wasn't as hard as I imagine it would be. I know the examiners could have made it so much harder that most of us would have broke down in tears at the exam hall itself.

However, it definitely wasn't easy. I shall be satisfied as labelling it as "do-able" for the most part. And to me, it certainly is a sigh of relief. Granted, a lot of pbl stuff came out. But that was to be expected. We were already warned beforehand. I did try my best to do my pbls diligently (actually I try to do tat most of the time unlike some people) but somehow didn't manage to cover everything I should. That's why couldn't really answer some of the Qs.. so just wrote some common sense lo. haha.

*ok I give up to nature - I shall go take my nap and continue later okay toodles*


I'm back! Apparently my nap lasted til the next day lol. No-lah, just didn't feel like blogging last night after the heavy meal. So yeah, I shall continue with my ramblings now.

I think I shall go straight to the festivities, shall we? Nobody really wants to listen to me talk abt how difficult was the exam etc. It's old stale news~

Anyway, after the exam, we went to Sunway for a nice dinner plus movie. And it was also to celebrate LiYann's 21st birthday slightly earlier! ^v^ Her birthday is on monday. Woots! Big girl ade lo.. haha.

Dinner was at Manhattan Fish Market. To be honest, normally I ain't really keen on seafood, but the seafood platter is just plain delicious!!! *drools*

I ate until I was so full. omg. Certainly worth-it. And the chocolate cheese cake bought by Valene is so yummy!! The taste was so rich that I couldn't finish my slice of cake. (and normally you know I have a high threshold for sweet stuff haha) And the choc chips on it! oooh!

Adding in last nite's reluctant heavy dinner, I think I really need to go for some exercise. aikz. Basketball/swimming/gym/jogging, anyone? hmm..

Anyway, after the really filling dinner, we went to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I must say, the 2 and a half hours movie was worth every buck of the RM12 I forked out!!

*there may be spoilers I dunno - read at ur own risk*

The scenery was gorgeous, actors/actresses quite easy on the eyes, funny one-liners that really made me laugh, and the story was relatively loyal to the story book (except for a few alterations but then I've seen worse)!

Of coz, the main alteration that had me majorly shaking my head was the part where Susan and Prince Caspian kiss!! How can that happen? There never was so much as a hint of it in the book.. and it was kinda weird if you ask me. Unless Prince Caspian was so desperate that he would go for any lady near his age.. which happened to be Susan. go figure~

But on the overall, I lurve the movie! It has been so long that I've watched a fantasy-themed movie that was capable of pulling me into that dreamy-escapist sort of atmosphere... Go watch it! huhu.

And that was how the festivities ended. I'm so glad the exam is over. The few hours post-exam are so precious because it's the only time where one feels entitled to some proper chilling out and rest. Sigh poor medical students.

And now comes the time to do revision for the scary EOS5!! But I don't feel up to it. Let's procastinate abit, shall we? hehe...

Am going for another nap. Suddenly my tummy don't feel that good. Maybe indigestion from all that food. sigh.. ok tata!


Harry MacDowel said...

haha i thought u said National Service for NS.


Zzzyun said...

oops guess i didn't write properly tat NS = Nervous System lol.

medical jargon haha