Sunday, May 04, 2008

Who Finishes Last?

I'm posting this up using the bf's celcom broadband portable modem thingy. I didn't know that he has this gadget or that it even works! [sry lah I quite noob] It's slow but at least it works! Hurray~


I should be reading up on the relatively confusing topic of head injuries for my pbl tmr. But hey, when the inspiration to blog comes, grab it by the neck, I say. Especially when my entries are getting less and less scintillating by the week. aihs!

*wonders how many readers I still have left*

Anyway, my past week might have been normal or even boring to the casual observer. (ok maybe unlucky would be a better word – with reference to the previous post)

But who knows the happenings inside that relatively small but important thing called the brain?

(btw cns is a killer system – why must the human brain be so complicated??)

Many events to muse about. Many little seemingly unimportant facts brought to light. Who knows the intricacies of emotions? I pity those involved in this complicated saga. (sorry, no names will be mentioned for those who are kaypo)

In the end, it does seem like Karma is playing a cruel joke on her.

I guess you reap what you sow, right?

But why are other innocent people involved? Shouldn't there be any happy endings for the people who deserve it? My heart breaks… to see the good-hearted guy again taken for granted. Do nice guys always finish last?

I won't say more. Coz I can't do anything abt it anyway. Will just hope that goodness will prevail in the end…


k0k s3n w4i said...

Good deeds are their own rewards :)
Whether karma pays back or not. It is privileged to be on the good side. Then again, who don't think that they are on the good side?

Zzzyun said...

well im a not-so-casual observer in this affair, so i guess i can averagely gauge who's the bad and who's the good.

but then who am i to judge others right?

oh well just try to be the best person i can be!

ps: and sorry for not reading ur blog for sucha long time. hv been saving ur posts in my feeds coz want to read them when i hv time. which is a luxury nowadays. haha.. will try to catch up soon k! =)