Friday, May 09, 2008

Two Days Which Seemed So Long

Yet again, when I shld be doing my last pbl for cns (thk god!), I am procastinating here. But hey, I really don't have any mood to do my pbl lah.. Have been (not-so) diligently doing it the past few weeks.. so cut me some slack!

Anyway, my last hospital visit was the day before yesterday. It was almost uneventful until the last part where the doctor was teaching for quite a long time then I felt weird again!! It wasn't as bad as last time where I couldn't stand... but anyhow, I felt this weird bulge in my throat (smtg like nausea) irritating me several times.. till I decided I didn't want to take any chances and asked permission to sit.

I hope this doesn't happen everytime I am in a hospital! Or that would probably signal the end of my carreer aspirations... :O I haven't been working hard for so long now for nothing! Let's hope it's just heat intolerance or smtg like tat... wait, tat sounds like hyperthroidism. uh oh~


*feels guilty for not doing pbl properly and disappears for an hour or so*

*appears later after finishing at least 1 learning issue properly*

Well, I'd managed to read and make notes abt the physiology of speech properly. So don't feel so guilty now haha so can continue blogging.

Okay, what's next?

Oh ya, my mock osce yesterday. Was pretty stressed up about it even tho I know it's just mock!

Anyway this is what came out for physical examination for my group.

1st PE: check for hydration status, presence of abdominal guarding and examine liver for signs of hepatitis.

Wahlau eh! Why so vague wan the Qs!! The previous group got pretty straightforward Qs. Just do superficial palpation of abdomen or movements of hip joint. Easy kan?? I was left debating there on what exactly should I do to check for all that.

Luckily I did the correct examinations I think. But apparently no need to percuss for liver span to check for hepatitis although almost everyone did it lol. A friend even more geng, can measure liver span without ruler (coz he didn't have one) and using just rough estimating! *rotfl*

2nd PE: Examine the model and do a pap smear.

Yikes! I wasn't the best at this model. So abit kelam kabut. Had trouble opening the metal thingy used to kiap cotton wool. Noob aren't I? Wasn't that hot either with handling the speculum plus inserting and removing it.. Oh well, guess I gotta practice more then!

The funniest thing was that I almost forgot to put on gloves. But luckily saw them in the nick of time. But a batchmate forgot and the dr said she'll fail anyone who did tat. Must always remember to put on gloves!!

BS was quite okay, did quite well - even tho the lecturer commented my face looked super nervous. But history taking wasn't that good. I was suddenly at a loss on what to ask. And I knew I was ok before this. Must be the nervousness building up inside me. *sigh*

Stand alone stations: One was quite easy, on fasting blood sugar. The other one was X-ray. Which totally pawned me! I didn't know we were supposed to look at both sides of the X-ray (apparently there was a normal and an abnormal one side) so I kept looking at the normal side so I couldn't find anything really abnormal abt it... (of coz lah, it was normal in the first place whut!) I'm definitely gonna fail that station. aikz.

Well that was abt it. At least I managed to pass most of the stations - which to me is an achievement in the first place. I remembeing very well failing my sem 3 mock osce badly too lol. And it wasn't from a lack of practice either. Nervousness is the enemy of students everywhere!!

Okla, that's abt it for today. Shld really continue doing my pbl. Only doing 1 learning issue just won't do.

till the next time we meet, bai~

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