Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hope - The Thing That Keeps Shining

Yesterday, my mood was greatly improved when the aircon-man abruptly announced his arrival and fixed the leaking aircon. Which had been leaking like nobody's business for the past one week.

Just imagine many buckets below ready to catch the leaking drops trickles! And it leaks at random locations at random times. Mean I hvta keep supervising it to make sure to shift the buckets when they decided that it was fun to shift their dripping location. arggh.

Anyway, thought that finally everything was settled and that I can study in peace. Pleased to announce that today - for once - I managed to do some effective studying in the library. thank god for the separate area where there is less of the drilling and sawing noise. I was gonna go mad a few days back. *pulls hair* With all the renovation going on, the library is one of the worst places to study nowadays.

I guess we just hvta leave the same way we came in.

I rmb those sem 1 days where we're cloaked in semi-darkness when walking around uni. Because of the massive construction. think of the dust! the noise!

And now when we're in sem 5, yet again, we are attacked by that same similar terrible combination of dust + immense noise. It's an occupational hazard to be a medical student these days. *sigh*

Oh wait, I have digressed.

Today you have the pleasure of reading this post due to a sudden news that I've just received this afternoon.

Almost gave me an MI (that's myocardical infarction aka "heart attack" for those non-medic types out there)!

Apparently, without any due warning, the PMS Matching results will be given out tmr at 2.30pm outside AAD!


I am NOT prepared at all. Be it mentally, physically, spritually whatever. Was told that it would be announced maybe two weeks later? And now they suddenly spring this on us? OMG.

My fragile heart cannot take this.. *faints*

Dramatics aside, I guess I can't do anything but just hope for the best. I know it's impossible to make everyone happy (especially when they don't take your happiness into account! heck they don't care at all - why else wud our study break be so damn short?!) so I can only hope that all my friends and I get the most suitable choice. (note that I said suitable choice, not first/best choice)

I believe that wherever I get, it's a sign that I am supposed to be there in the near future. Let's assign it to fate then. (hope that tmr at this time I can still be as optimistic)

Besides - in the grand scheme of life - does it matter where we start to learn how to help those in need?

It doesn't.

(wait that was a rhetorical question!)

Tonight - I rest in HOPE.

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