Friday, May 02, 2008

A Series of Misfortunate Events

Here I am again. Lately a lot of things has happened but I shall just briefly gloss past them okay.

Point form it shall be then.

  • We got back our msk results! And it was pretty good for most. Can you believe this? 81 ppl got A leh!! Isn't it great? =) Everyone must have worked very hard for this~

  • My printer's black ink finished so I hvta depend on Liyann's printing account to print my pbl notes now. And it costed me rm45 yesterday to just buy a black ink catridge. wahliao so expensive.. sigh*

  • And this is the worst thing that happened. My computer's hard drive crashed on me a few days ago! It just died. Kaput. Nada. Zilch. With no warning whatsoever. AHHH!! So I am computerless now - yes that is worse than being internetless. ='(

  • So yesterday me and the bf went to buy a new hard drive from Low Yat. They were out of 80gb PATA type of hard drive (some type lah haha I dunno lah I'm computer noob) so hvta buy a 120gb PATA hard drive in the end. Which costed me another rm170!! *insert super sad broke face*

  • Anyway, thanks a lot to KheeChun who has always help me with my computer problems! He's such a nice guy and has always sacrified time and energy to help me in times of computer needs! Arigato!! ^v^ And thanks to my deardear who always been there to help me too! And for going with me to buy those computer ware.. =)

  • I guess all is okay now with the computer. They seemed to be doing a good job with restoring it to a usable state. But all my data is lost now. *wails at the thought of my painstaking collection of 3000 over songs*

  • I am also lagging royally behind my notes. Weeks of cns notes are no joke, ya know? I just can't find the ooomph or energy to read them. The gradually piling higher stack are no help. bah.

Oh well, I guess that's all for now. Nothing really much to say except today's the last day to pass up my Matching Form. yeah, in the end, hvta follow my dad's advice. He's funding me, so the least I could do is listen to him I guess...

Okla. Time to check up on my comp. And get started on those notes! aihs.. till the next time we meet, bai.


michelleg said...

yea my batch also many got A for msk. even for cns many got A and A-.

so wat were ur choices for pms?

Genova said...

oh.. it should be series of fortunate and unfortunate events, shouldnt it?

Zzzyun said...

michelleg> really?! i heard the previous batch did pretty badly wo... i hope we can do as well, if not better for cns..

but im doubtful for myself tho.. aikz

genova> hmm true hor.. but then a series of misfortunate events only sound nicer, dont u think?

Samantha said...

Thanks for the informative post. I dread things like this sometimes. It's rather confusing. What I do is just run my computer through a computer check up at one of those free websites like

Zzzyun said...

haha it was informative meh? lol. i just rambled on the unfortunate incident tats all.. but Low Yat really do sell cheap computer hardware.. a comp freak's dream! haha..

hmm do those websites help?