Friday, July 04, 2008

And... I Am Back!

After an impromptu abrupt hiatus of more than one week...

What lah! why so garang.

I had this very important exam called End-of-Semester 5 ma...

Anyway, craps aside, I just soooo glad that IT IS OVER!!

As usual, everything still feels pretty surreal. Not so much of euphoric joy or mad partying on the horizon though. Instead, everything is held on to with a tinge of sadness. Because everyone will be leaving each other soon. Very soon.

The first of many "lasts" started a few months back.

Last CSU, last PBL, last lecture and after this last exam (well I hope it is!!), there will be last outings with friends.. and many more other "lasts"...

I feel sad writing this.. but I guess this is the way of life. With every new acquaintance made, there will always be a separation.

It is inevitable. Nothing can be done.. and we can only hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

Okla, duwan to ruin my friends' elatic post exam mood already. Will only blog more (abt the exam and other miscellanous stuff) in later posts.

For now, ciao first.

PS: For those who wants to read something funny, why not try this. hehe...

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