Sunday, August 24, 2008

.: I *Hearts* Redang Trip :.

Woohoo~ it's finally time to blog abt Redang!!

I've managed to get the pics from my friends' facebooks so yup here are some of the nicer ones! (after they're photoshopped, the colours are even gorgeous)


On the first day, we had to rise super early (4am! and I hardly slept a wink!) as we need to start out to the airport by 5am as our flight was a 7am one. What to do, we had to make sure we cud catch the 10 smtg ferry to the island.

Flight was an uneventful one. We took Airasia and service was pretty good. Then we took 3 taxis to the jetty (there were 10 of us - 5 guys 5 girls) which cost rm25 for each taxi. Which was quite okay as the distance was quite far.

Ferry fare was rm100 each to and fro - quite exp! sigh* And the person there suddenly say need to pay rm5 each as government tax. wah! summore say encourage what cuti-cuti malaysia. Ferry ride was 1.5 hours - pretty long but at least it wasnt as claustrophobic as the langkawi one last year. It was passedly comfortable that I was able to snooze on both rides.

And then we finally arrived! We're staying at Berjaya Spa Resort as the receptionist said they're renovating the Beach Resort.

Welcome to Redang!

And we found out - yes they were renovating - but not the chalets, only the main walking area! - so technically we shld be able to stay there wan.

Hah! Kena conned ade! They rather give those places to foreigners! so not fair! =(

See! The Beach Resort was so much nicer too..

The problem with staying at the Spa Resort was that it was so much further. Everytime we wanted to go to the beach, we had to take a buggy then another shuttle bus to reach the Beach Resort! waste time and rather inconvenient leh..

But other than tiny little hitch, everything went well.

The beach was really beautiful! Water was so clear and the sands so white..

lovely right?

Unlike last time, this time we really made use of our time there. We spent some time wading around in the sea.. then the rest of the time playing beach volleyball. I must say, I am really lousy at volleyball!

But it was fun, just being with friends. =) And Leong almost became "Sand Man", tumbling around in the sand so much till almost his whole body was covered by sand lol.

We had both lunch and dinner at 2 mamak-like shops outside the hotel as the food prices at the hotel were just too omg. rm20 for a plain sandwich! Imho, the food served at the shop just outside the hotel was only passable. Very salty and relatively expensive. what to do, tourist place ma! If you want better food, just walk down slightly more and you'll see another shop. The food there is so much nicer and cheaper too!

After that, as it was getting quite dark (and they hv so few streetlamps too!) we went back to our chalet. Whole night was spent talking crap (what else??), playing mahjong, gossiping etc. Haha simple but so much fun! And can you believe this? most of us went to bed relatively early too, must be tired out ade!


We woke up early as we were ready to go snorkelling! Let me tell you, this is one of the MUST-DO activities if you ever go to Redang! It's really a shame if you go all the way there but miss out on this!

omg the water is really crystal clear!! And can see the corals below too!

For rm60 a person, we get to go to 5 different locations for 5 hours. And the pakcik was so nice too. Although we'd exceeded by 2 hours (we're having too much fun and we didn't have our watches with us, how were we to know wo?) the pakcik never charged us extra too.. but then he must be making a good profit, coz the minimum number of ppl to hire a boat is 4, but with our 10 ppl, it was certainly worth it to him, right?

Here's an "almost" group pic. Guess who had to ruin the pic? haha.. those 2 ppl behind swimming away~ (yeah one of them is me haha)

We *Hearts* Snorkelling! :D

The snorkelling gear do take some getting use to. Must keep remembering to breathe using mouth, not nose! And tell you what, the salty seawater really stings the throat and nasopharynx! Definitely don't feel nice!

Besides corals, can see many types of fishes too! I love the fluorescent ones! so pretty~

Look at those colours! nice le!!

So many types of fishes! I was almost in estascy lol. There was even one fish which had like what, 7 colours on it? beautiful!

And we also saw sword fish swimming near the surface.. and a few furry black sea cucumbers on the bottom. We even saw one of those fishes that are normally steamed to be eaten haha. Sry I dunno the english name but in hokkien we call it "pek chior".

And the funniest part is when you wave small pieces of bread in the water, all the fishes will madly rush towards you. It's rather ticklish! And I still can't figure out how each school of fishes can all swim together in the same direction and change abruptly at the same time! geng.

And the corals. omg. Of all shapes, colours and sizes!

super big ass coral

It's certainly a big shame that none of us have a water proof camera! Or we would have been able to take some cooler pictures!

There was one type of coral that was so cute! Purplish and furry, when you wave a current of water at it, it will wrap up on itself. Kawaii~

We stop at one of beaches (our second stop) to have lunch there. I think it was Redang Bay. The pakcik recommended us to go to the green stall so we did.

look! there's even chinese food!

And true enough, the food there was delicious and affordable. They have chinese food, western food and others. Yummy~

the whole group except suewen who helped us to take this photo

we looked so happy!

And here's a real group picture that a foreigner helped us to take. But it's a pity that we looked so small in it. But the trees and wooden hut behind us give it a beachy island feel, huh? hehe.

a trip of memories

Below is another pic of the how picturesque the shore at one of the stops looked like.

green rolling slopes with clear water

It must be nice to stay at places like this where the view is naturally superb. We really must try to keep our waters cleaner.

Zher Lin and Kee Ping exploring

I like the background - the rocks and twigs just seemed to fit together

And there's no need to worry if you do not know how to swim. We're given lifejackets so it's really safe. Unless you are dumb and take it off while in the water, there's really almost no way you can drown.

Coz all we need to do it put our face underneath water (body is upright or floating) and breathe thru the tube in the snorkelling gear. And voila, you can see all the fishes and beautiful corals! ^v^

Haha and I love sitting on the boat! The adrenaline rush of speed plus the oncoming wind hitting on your face! I likey~

Yannie, Wen and I who looked thrilled to be on the boat

my hair's in a mess coz seawater aint good for the hair

And 7 hours just flew past just like that! And I must say, this was the best part of the whole trip. A new awesome experience! I hope I will have the chance to do that again in a new place in the future. ^v^

That night, we decided to splurge on dinner a bit and we went for the buffet dinner at the hotel. As a sorts of a nice farewell meal for the Dinner Gang, huh? It was rm70 nett each, but my dad was a member, so we have 10% off each! yay.

And the meal was worth every penny. Food was delicious and dessert was yummy. One of the innovative dishes was a banana salad. *licks lips*

Oh ya, Eugene bought a shirt for all of us to sign.. as a souvenir of sorts. Look what Kee Ping's artistic hands made of it!

he drew a picture of what we did during the whole trip - nice right?

and so farny he made a spelling error - FrieDship Forever! :P

I wish we could have cloned the shirt, so that all of us can have one to take home! haha.. Anyway, after a super full dinner, we went back to rest and talk/play the night away lo.


Some of them went kayaking early in the morning while some went to the beach. But I didn't go as the sleepyhead in me wanted to sleep more haha.

After that, we took the 1pm ferry home. At first we planned to have lunch around the jetty area in Kuala Terengganu. Manatau the ferry was delayed for more than half an hour so when we reached, we had to straight away rush to the airport. We only just made it in time to check in then board the plane. *phiew* Therefore lunch consisted of only some chips. =/

When we touched down at LCCT, everybody seemed to be in a rush to get home. But luckily we decided to leave the farewell to the next day. I have already described the sad feelings in this post.

Anyway, I had certainly enjoyed myself tremendously on this trip. I hope you guys had too! May we have more trips again in the future! It shall be a hope I hold on to. =)

And before I end, I shall present you with a very funny picture.

priceless! :P

Do take note of the Malaysians 4 Peace sticker behind them.

Isn't it ironically funny? hehehe...


debbi said...

Looks like you guys had a whole lot of fun! Never tried snorkeling in redang but have always wanted to. Haih. The last time i went snorkeling in tioman it was almost a whole day thing, and i came back as red as a lobster. Had sunburns all over, it was freaking painful and i had to stay in the following day. Huhu. But luckily the trip was 5 days. So can afford to waste 1 day. Haha.

Zzzyun said...

yeap it was really a lot of fun!! haha a lot of us were sunburnt too after the trip. even tho we slathered on the sunblock rather generously. i got it really bad as it was allergic rashes + sunburn! took quite some time to recover aihs.

but so nice, having a 5 day trip. our 3d2n trip was just too short! wished we had make it longer..

and snorkelling in redang is beautiful!