Sunday, August 31, 2008

Once Again

It's night time again.

Everyday, it repeats itself. Day and night. Day and night. So much so that I've almost forgotten what day of the week it is, no need to speak of what is today's date.

Reading from my friends' blogs, many of them had already left to UK to continue their medical studies. They speak of longing and sadness. I guess I'll feel the same way when it's my turn, albeit a few months later.


Come tuesday, another bunch of my friends will be starting their studies too in Imu Clinical School in seremban. And another few had already started doing their BMedScience last week.

Finally, the holidays have come to an end for them. Many complain, wishing that their hols were longer.

But me? I wish fervently that my holidays are over. But alas, life has an ironic sense of humor. You don't get what you wish for.

You might think it weird that I don't like long holidays. Well, neither would you, if your holidays consisted of only staying at home most of the time. Doing nothing really substantial. No outings, no meeting up with friends.

I need to do something meaningful. I need to find my direction in life again. I seemed to have lost it.

And I hate how the nights make me feel.

Empty. And alone.

I really wish I can get my visa and stuff done ASAP. Then I can go Seremban to visit my friends! But sigh, you can't get your visa done too early...


yeepei said...

study for USMLE. that'll put some directions in life. now that i'm reading some stuff, you'll realise doing this will improve ur knowledge to a certain extent.

Zzzyun said...

hmm another dr did suggest tat too. but the thing is, i know nthg abt the usmle exam and i'm not gonna need it in the future. so it'll be a waste of money too right?

ok i admit i lack personal motivation! =(

but i did study a bit here n there these few days.. i guess just hvta improve on tat effort lo..

but thks so much for offering me a solution! ^^

debbi said...

Oh my i'm feeling the same. Couldn't believe myself when i started telling people that i wish i could leave now and i'm so tired of waiting and just doing nothing. But another thing's for sure also - I'll definately feel reluctant to leave when the time really comes.

Zzzyun said...

oh u are feeling the same way too!

i guess we are tired of waiting..and want to do something substantial rite?

but when the time comes, we feel scared and reluctant to move out of our comfort zone..

ironic.. haha..