Thursday, August 14, 2008

After That

Hullo! I'm finally back again! It's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Another record eh?

Anyway, the bf just went back home to KL this afternoon. So I am feeling abit like this --> =/ now. But it was certainly an awesome 1.5 weeks.

An excellent 3 days 2 nights trip with most of the "Dinner Gang" at Redang. Memorable! Great company = a great time anywhere! Right right? Add great fun experiences into the mixture! Priceless. ^v^ Okay I'll blog more abt that later when I get the photos!

Then spent almost 5 days at the bf's house. Got to know his family abit better. Must say thanks to uncle and auntie who treated me so well! =)

Then it was his turn to get acquainted with my family for almost 4 days. Haha I am glad that everything turned out well. *phiew and wipes sweat off forehead*

Don't feel like blogging much now. Feel more like reading up on my hundred over feeds piled up over the period.

So yeah, I'll blog more later. Stay tuned!


k33LaLa said...

oo i enjoy my stay in ur house dear. Ur parents treated me well too. Many thanks to them! =)

Zzzyun said...

ooo good lo! hope everything goes well too. =)