Friday, August 01, 2008

Next Week

I don't have much to say actually except for the fact that I'm going Redang in 2 days' time!! *excited*

Yeap, a bunch of batchmates and I are going on what is probably our last trip together (well in a looong time anyway) so in a way, the happiness is tinged with a little sadness.

After this, I'm probably not going to see many of them in a long time too. *sigh*

So we must enjoy ourselves fully the next few days okay!! Hope everything goes smoothly.. Did take quite some time to plan it. Haih those guys ah, they will never plan anything. Next time I go overseas ade, see who plan for you guys liao! *huff*

And it's quite sad that our gang will be missing Lishan and Beh. aiyo, why u guys cannot come ah...

Anyway, after the 3 days 2 nights trip at the island, I will be staying over at the bf's house in KL for a few days. At first planned to use these few days to settle visa etc but guess what, it's still a bit too early. Still got so many months and besides, I still haven't settle the many needed documents! aihs.

So I guess will just use the few days to enjoy one of my last free times in KL. Delicious food! Shopping! hoho. And of coz, spend some time with the bf. Haven't seen him in 3 weeks! *shiny eyes*

After that, he will be following me to Penang to meet the family! haha.. for a few days before going back lo. Guess I won't be seeing much of him after that. =(

Well, that about concludes this post. Just to let you guys know what I'll be up to next week. Updates will be more sparse, but I'll try to squeeze sometime to write okay! hehe. toodles!

Finished The Devil Wears Prada yesterday. Now starting on The Jane Austen Book Club. So far, it has been an intriguing beautiful read. Hope the entire book meets my expectations. Btw tat reminds me, I've not read some of the Austen books for quite a long time ade. Yes, I'm a Jane Austen fan! hoho.

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