Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Books And Movies

As I am out of things to do, here comes a post where I shall recommend a few books and movies for your reading/viewing pleasure.

I must warn you first. The books aren't the most intellectual sort. They are fun to read! haha.

Okay, first up is this book titled A Tale Of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones.

Yes, you can only find this book in the children's section.

Or maybe teenagers' section. oops pardon my childishness.

Anyway, I remember starting to read all of Diana's books during my high school years.

I admit, her books might a bit too youngish for me now. But it's not the way she writes that intrigues me. It's the plot! The plots in her books has always been amazing, the way everything falls in place when everything is revealed.

So I am rereading it (as it was quite long ago) for the plot. And for lack of things to do.

Next up is this new book I bought a few days ago and managed to finish in 1 day! that says something, doesnt it?

It's titled Hex and The Single Girl by Valerie Frankel.

Hex = magic!

Yes, this is a book abt a good witch who uses her powers to help single women find the man of their dreams.

Chick lit alert? Definitely.

Recommended by Meg Cabot, this book is funny, sexy and intriguing at the same time. I said sexy coz there are a few steamy scenes inside, but no worries, it doesn't go overboard! Read btw the lines. *winks*

Haha okay this book is more my age, huh? :P


Alright, the movies I am gonna recommend are definitely the more intellectual artistic type. Guaranteed to give you food for thought!

First up is Atonement (Keira Knightly & James McAvoy) and the director is the one who directed Pride & Prejudice! That was another great movie too btw!

how a dangerous lie led to a girl spending her life trying to atone for it

Based on Ian McEwan's novel, this highly anticipated movie did not disappoint. Although I did not read the novel, I really loved the way this movie was filmed.

It was done really artistically. Even the music was cool. I love the one where they used the sound of typewritting to give it a hurried edgy feel.

Little clues are left all along the film, one must be rather observant to piece it all together in the end. I rewatched it twice! I'd love to watch it again but alas, a few months ago, my hard disk crashed and I don't have it anymore.

Oh ya, for those prudes out there, this movie contain some steamy scenes too. But hey, sometimes one gotta step out to challenge one's morals abit too, right?

Anyway, I label this a MUST-WATCH!

Right, next movie up is Juno, another movie that will again challenge you to think out of the box.

the movie that will give you a refreshing perspective of teenage pregnancy

I first came to know of this movie through k0k's blog. Intrigued, I went to download this movie and watched it just some time before my eos5. hey I can't study 24/7 right?

And I must say, this movie really opened my eyes to another genre of films. Quirky, with witty dialogue and a different sort of background music, I really love it! And the acting by Ellen Page is excellent, funny and most importantly - believable.

I also label this a MUST-WATCH if you want a different sort of comedy, a comedy that tells a story.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you guys will enjoy the movies at least. haha.

I have a few movies in my laptop. And the one I look forward most to watching is The Other Boleyn Girl. I guess I'm really into those old time sort of movies, huh? If you guys know of any different sort of movies/books which intrigue the mind and stimulate the senses (no, not in that way!), pls recommend to me okay?

Guess I shld keep that brain from becoming totally cobwebby. lol.

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