Friday, August 29, 2008

More Redang Photos

I've finally gotten more photos of the trip from Valene. I won't be writing much as most of it has been covered in this post. You can read that if you like.

So here are the photos!

coconut trees and huts - nice beachy effect

haha just to show you an awesome cloud formation

This is what our chalet looked like from the outside! Nice ka?

See! The seawater really is crystal clear le!!

Us girls camwhoring on the shuttle bus haha

lol this is Pui Fun looking so lonely in this picture

coz we went off to play while she rested (she had a bad bout of seasickness)

And this is Leong, looking so damn happy with his snorkelling gear. Cute le! :P

And look at the amount of fishes in the sea! omigosh!

Keeping, Yannie, Wen looking thrilled to be on board

Oh this is one of the spots where it is filled mainly with finger-like corals!

Kinda creepy lah..

A smiling bunch of people after an enjoyable day of sun, sea and fun! ^v^

Cool rock formations at the shore of one of the spots

I think it's called Tanjung Lebah - maybe they looked like beehives? No idea haha

This the picturesque shore of the beach near the resort

One more group picture before we leave for the ferry
yes my sentiments exactly, ZherLin.. :P

And we end with a farewell picture of the beautiful island

And goodbye, my friends.

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