Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Gist Of Things

Wow, it has been quite a few days since I last stared at this page.

Sorry, been kinda busy. And the internet connection at my vista home went bust. I heard rumors that nasioncom is going bankrupt. And yeah, so the only way I can satisfy my internet addiction is using my bf's connection. phew.

Luckily, I've been kept pretty busy the past few days. Hmm, I got back on tueday and went for a late lunch with my dear dear at Mong Kok. Just lurve that chocolatey drink! hehe. After that, I went to watch the new batch's Variety Nite. Which wasn't too bad I guess, considering there are many more limitations now. Besides, I think I'm more comfy with a "cleaner" show. lol. Boy, it seems so long since my own orientation. I miss those days.

Then, on wednesday, I went grocery shopping! Need to restock my supplies. Kee and I had a filling lunch at ayamas before going to carrefour for the groceries. For dinner I went to my favourite ramen stall in Sri Petaling. I just can't get enuf of the ramen! yummy. The lady boss there knows me so well now, haha.

And on thursday, I ventured on uncharted territory by attempting to cook my first complete chinese meal. None of those weird-combo-easy-to-cook meals that I used to cook. hehe. This is a complete 3 dishes and 1 soup, nutritious balanced meal. Thank god after all that labouring in the kitchen, the meal turned out really nice. Kee really liked it too, so I'm satisfied!! ^v^ More details abt that in a later post k.

That nite, we decided to go watch the Merdeka celebrations at the bukit bintang area. We had dinner at this place called U-village. Yeah, you guessed rite - it's a hong kong concept restaurant again! lol. The Golden box thingy was delicous, but the cheese baked spaghetti sucks. I cudn't even finish it! And it wasn't cheap too. ish. I think my stomach had shrunk adapted to the penang proportions ade. Now I feel full easily compared to last time. lol.

Anyway, the crowd was pretty wild. Mak rempits on motorbikes carry big-ass flags waving and screaming. Or ppl tat were "high" and started spraying random ppl with those spray cans with foam/confetti thingy. Dunno what they are called lah. It's kinda scary to be surrounded by these crazed ppl. >.< I don't mind those groups that are just playfully spraying with their frenz lah. Hey I'm still young whut.

But the raving ppl who do random shots are scary! o.O And the already noisy atmosphere was made noisier with loud unwarned random explosions. Those crazy ppl light up their empty spray bottles to create that. *sigh* It's dangerous okay.

And sadly, the fireworks were set off at an area (albeit not exactly at midnite, mind you) where it was party hidden by a building. -_-"" And it wasn't as spectacular as one wud expect of a 50th merdeka. Sigh. Well, at least it was an experience.

The next day was woken up by a phone call from zherlin asking me whether do I wanna go Greenbox to sing karaoke tat afternoon onot. And I agreed coz very long didn't sing ade! hehe. Had a rushed lunch at Oldtown Kopitiam with Kee before setting off. I miss the nissin noodle! and the white coffee! Wow, I really am into eating eh. sei lo. Well, I had a really enjoyable time at Greenbox, altho it was more expensive (rm20!) becoz it was a public holiday.

Came back home then went for dinner. Oops, ramen again. lol. Then just hung around at home. Putting my room in order etc. Too boring for you guys to hear the details lah.

And today, I cooked my fav spaghetti for lunch. Added lots of extra stuff becoz felt like cooking these days. And it tasted really nice. Pity that I cudnt finish it. So it's now in the fridge, waiting for me to reheat it for tmr's breakfast. hehe. Dinner went to hawker stall with Beh. He's finally back with the others. Phew, vista can be more alive now.

So tat's the gist of what I did these days. The more interesting parts lah. It's not much, but most importantly, I enjoyed myself.

Well, the time for rotting had pass and gone. One more day before sem 4 starts. I'm not ready!! I wanna enjoy more now tat I'm in KL. *pouts*

Anyway, tmr is a Girls' Day out. Last day of Mega Sale ade! Must buy buy buy! haha. Alright, time to turn in for the nite. Tmr hvta wake up early. Nitey nite~! =)

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