Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Good Deed Deserves...

...another? Not necessarily.

Look at what happened to me when I tried to self-mutilate myself donate blood last 4 days ago!!

*get ready to gasp in horror*

Yesh, that's me in tears. T_T

Can you imagine this? Two BIG bruises on my right arm that are growing bigger and darker by day. All just becoz I wanted to be a nice person for once and help the greater good. *boohoo*

Anyway, the tale started on a normal wednesday afternoon when Li Yann and I walked into imu, and we noticed that there was a blood donation drive going on. Since I'd donated before twice, I decided that I'll continue with my previous good deeds. It was Li Yann's first time too, so of coz she was rather excited abt it.

However, like the last 2 times, the flow of my blood into the bags was kinda slow. And so the nurses tot that it was a problem with their placing of the needle. And yes, they attempted to take the needle slightly in and out a few times, which was kinda painful. After several poking-arounds under the skin of my arm, the pain became too severe that I cudn't stand it, so I asked the nurse to stop and take it out. Altho my blood wasn't enough to fill the bag to the brim, but at least I tried, didn't I?

Anyway, what you see in the photo is the result of a haemorrhage due to the damage done inside I think. *sigh* Yes, it looks AND feels painful. -_- I think the nurse didn't insert the needle into the vein properly. aikz. Hope I can do it better next time for my future patients.

Whatever, just gotta take it all in my stride. And it IS for a good cause. Those precious drops of my blood is gonna go save some lives somewhere! yay yay~

PS: I had my 20th bday last friday!! ^v^ Was really fun. A full post coming up soon! Need time to upload and edit photos. hehe. Get ready for that! woo.

PPS: Btw, sorry for the irregular hiatus nowadays. Coz kinda busy plus no internet at home. Hopefully will get the internet line done soon. *prays* Meanwhile, be patient! kthxbai.


AiLing said...

What the.... donating blood isn't supposed to be a painful process. And as far as I know, bruises aren't a normal part of blood donating. What went wrong?

On another note, I've never gotten to donate blood before. My blood iron levels are always too low.

Zzzyun said...

yeah it's supposed to cause minimal pain. and yeap bruises as large as tat isn't suppose to appear!!

what went wrong? i think the nurse wasn't really good in locating veins i guess. and if u cant find it, u shldnt poke arnd under the skin coz it'll only cause internal haemorrhage in the end. -_-

oh ur iron lvls too low? u need to take more meat haha. then maybe u can give blood in the future lo. =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

have u got that looked at yet? if it's getting bigger, means it's still haemorrhaging, innit?

I have never donated blood in my life before.

InnShan said...

It's possible to get bruise patches after blood donation. But i'm not sure if it's going to be that bad. Try wiki it.

You should see doc if it's getting worse..:)

Hello, my 1st comment on ur blog :D

Zzzyun said...

k0k nope i havent got tat looked at. luckily it seems to have stopped getting bigger. and i havent felt any tingling or numbness of the arm so shld be ok.

but it looks gross! and everybody keep asking me abt it. =(

hmm why never donate before?

innshan yeah i know 好心好报. i was just being drama-queen-ing. lol.

oh yeah i know it's normal to get bruises after donating, but surely not as big as this! :O

so far it doesnt seem to be spreading so guess wont see doc for now. phew. thks for the concern ya.

and welcome to my blog then..if this is ur first comment! ^^

k33LaLa said...

Later i come back help u massage ur bruise k =) cya!

Zzzyun said...

haha thanks dear =) muacks! it's getting much better ade...