Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Imu Cup Victory!

I can't believe it!! We, M106 got second place for cheerleading last night! yay yay.

And it gets even better, overall for the whole Imu Cup we got third place!! omigosh! It was plain euphoria last night for my batchmates who were there to witness this happy event. =D

Pharm B aka Spartans were really good. Their orangey red uniform is pretty! I like their opening part and how they use those human circles around a group of people thing. [where have I see that before? oh ya, Britney's Oops I Did It Again music video] They got third place though. The sem5s aka Falcons got first place. I like the part where they did those cute poses on the chairs.. so funny!

Anyway, had a really fun time watching all the batches doing their cheerleading stuff. I can imagine the sweat, tears and hard work those goes behind those routines. *thinks back to those backdrop days* M106 aka Venus apparently only took two and a half weeks to choreograph and practice! Not bad, right? As usual, our motto is 99% talent and 1% hard work! muahaha. [Let's hope that applies to our endocrine exam coming up soon in less than 2 days. uh-oh] I lurve the part where the girl slowly gracefully descent to meet the boy. So romantic and cute! hehe.

Sorry, for now no photos. I was just too lazy to attempt taking pics with my lousy camera phone. Anyway, I'll try to take a photo of the banners that Kee and Kee Ping did in the limited time span of 9 hours and post it up later. Btw, where art thou, banners? hmm..

Oh ya, this is our last Imu cup. *sigh* How time flies. Anyway, I do think we made a lot of improvement - from last place last year to third this year. Geng! Although I wasn't good enuf to take part in anything, it was still very fun to go support all my frenz! woohoo!

Okla, that's all for now. There are some things on my mind, but hey this is not the time to start blabbering or be stoned. Studies come first! Maybe I'll blog abt those stuff after the exam okay. Tata for now! =)

PS: Good luck to the sem3s that are having exams tmr! Cvs and respi together. that is so scary! o.O

PPS: omg my hsemate asked me some Qs abt cvs just now and I feel so stupid now. Why my brain is like a sieve? sigh...


k0k s3n w4i said...

too bad I missed the festivities. good luck for ur exam, girl

Zzzyun said...

yeah was looking for u online the pass few days, wanted to ask u whether u wanted to come onot. hmm.. too bad tat u didnt.

guess we wont get to meet ade.. so sad. maybe the next time ya! =)

thks. will try my best for the exam. haha..