Friday, September 21, 2007

Back To The Embrace Of The Cyberworld

Oh, such glorious tidings I must sing of thee, dear internet!

Oh, don't bother abt me. I was just delirious coz this is my first successful post using my new internet service. teehee. >.<

Finally, there is the convenience of surfing the net in the ease of my home. So happy! =) And my comp has finally successfully been reformated due to the problem of it lagging recently. Dunno whether it's caused by virus onot but just decided to reformat coz there were just too many problems bugging it. hah.

Anyway, with the success of these two ventures, the credit must be given to no other than Khee Chun! Thanks very much ya. You spent sucha long time helping me get everything done.. Seven hours and no less. o.O Really grateful. Will belanja you makan when you're free okay! ^v^

Btw, he has downloaded new skins into my comp, which makes it looks so much cooler. Might show you guys in later posts. And now I also have photoshop CS3 (instead of cs2). And microsoft office 2007 (instead of the 2003 version). Everything looks so high end and stylish. I suka~! Thanks!!

Hmm this will just be a short sweet post becoz I'm like really behind in my studies and I haven't done my PBL yet, which is due tmr. yikes. And yes, I fell sick yesterday. Presented with sorethroat and accompanied with REALLY violent sneezing and mild coughing today! *sigh* Cant' believe I used up so many packs of tissues! Thanks to Li Yann and Valene for the contribution. haha.

Hope I get well soon. Need my full health to tackle this endocrine system. Yesh, I will really do my bday post soon k. You know lah, hurrying only will spoil the masterpiece. keke. And since there is now glorious internet, yeap expect more regular updates in this blog. Yay, time to revive it!!

Okay, shld really start on my PBL now.. huhu. Cya guys!


k33LaLa said...

Eh...stop doing any photoshop thingy liao. Must catch up with studies alrdy.

Zzzyun said...

i'm not doing ah.. the rest of the photos are still with u!! yaya im catching up now. huhu...