Friday, September 07, 2007

The Meal

Okie okie, this is the promised post abt the first full chinese meal I made - consisting of three dishes and one soup.

Can you believe it that I managed to cook something resembling a full complete meal? And *surprise surprise*, it tasted rather delicious too, if I might say so myself. Yay!

Anyway, many thanks to my dear dear, who was as enthusiatic as me abt this "project" of mine. I wanted to prove to myself that I can cook as long as I'm given the chance (to make mistakes lol). He really helped me a lot. ^v^

Luckily the meal turned out fine. I really enjoyed the whole process of cooking it - well maybe except the smell of garlic that lingered on my fingers days after. =( And cooking is more fun than the preparation of coz. haha.

Okie I shall delay you no longer from the yummy-licious pics! Woo!

First up is... *drum roll*

Steamed Chicken

This is one of my favourites dishes. And the best thing abt it is that it's totally healthy! *licks lips*

Simple Omelette

Done with added onions strips, potato slices and some garlic bits. Simple but yummy~ hehe.

Fried Vege

Fried with garlic (the smell is heavenly!), it's a mixture of "xiao bai chai" [erm not sure what's its called in english], carrots and potato strips.

It tasted okay (can pass-lah) except that the green vege was a bit sour-ish. Shld have bought the smaller ones but then Carrefour or The Store don't have whut. sad.

And the last one is the most time-consuming of all due to its nutritious nature of having the most vege in it. [More vege = more time needed to peel and slice it.]

"ABC soup"

Called as such due to the addition of 3 things - carrots, potatoes and onions. Don't forget to add chicken meat for that nice soupe-y taste! I totally adore this. Coz it tasted really like how my mum makes it at home! hooray~

And that's abt it. What do you think? I feel so proud of myself. My first complete nutritious meal. yay yay! *starts jumping around like an energizer bunny pumped full of estacy lol*

It was really fun cooking and enjoying the meal with the bf. hehe. Pity nowadays won't have time to do much cooking ade. aikz.

Nah, something cute to make your day/night. ^o^

A cute smiley face made from egg yolk

Okay, I know the mouth is a tad distorted but hey it's not easy to break eggs perfectly ya know.

Btw, this smiley wasn't done intentionally, making it all the more cuter! I just noticed it after I randomly break all the eggs into the bowl. Isn't it cute? =D


GLO said...


seems that u haf some nice dishes there...yummy yummy

haha sorry that i'd disappeared from the blogosphere for so's due to busy sch, sudden holidays and oso i m engaged in some activities lol lol.

how ya doing??? hope u r as fine as before. ;-) all the best to ur med studies. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Zzzyun said...

glo> haha thks for the compliment. =) it looks yummy doesnt it? hehe.

im doing fine here. how abt u? doing well? ^^

anon> oh. yeah. okayyy. tenkiu.

AiLing said...

Good to have nutritional meals. *nods

Zzzyun said...

ailing> yup! it took us quite some time to prepare the foodstuffs. but the result was worth it! wee~~ =)

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